Have you been in an accident with a commercial truck? Did you get hurt badly? Or was a loved one killed? A truck accident can leave you with costly medical bills and many other unexpected and exorbitant expenses. Aside from healing or overcoming your grief, a big concern among truck accidents is cost. The last thing a truck accident victim should worry about is how much their medical care is going to cost.

What are My Rights?

If you are injured in a commercial truck accident, you have the right to ask the at-fault driver to compensate you for your injuries and property damage. You may recover compensation for your medical bills including:

Emergency room care

Daily costs of room



Loss of wages

Temporary disability

Permanent disability

If a truck accident is fatal, surviving family members can seek compensation for:

The deceased’s medical bills

Costs of funeral and burial

Loss of companionship

Loss of financial support if deceased was a breadwinner

Loss of consortium

You can also seek compensation for other costs associated with your truck accident including property repair costs, emotional damages, and punitive damages.

What is the Value of My Truck Accident Claim?

Every truck accident is different, so no two settlements are alike. The settlement amount each truck accident victims is awarded depends on several factors such as the extent of the victim’s injuries and how long it takes them to recover and whether their injuries leave them with permanent or disabling injuries.

A 2005 study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found commercial vehicle bus and truck accidents cost an average of $87 billion annually. The average cost of all truck accidents is about $91,000 per crash.

The FMCSA estimates that the average cost of large truck crash resulting in injuries averages about $200,000 per crash. A truck wreck that involves a fatality costs approximately $3.6 million per crash.

Common causes of truck accidents in Massachusetts include:



Brake failure

Mechanical issues


Should I Hire a Truck Accident in Worcester?

No attorney can guarantee a settlement amount or predict the outcome of your case, but our team of knowledgeable truck accident attorneys in Worcester will pledge to do everything they can to get you maximum compensation for your truck accident. That is just one of the numerous reasons why need you legal assistance with your truck accident claim.

They will protect your rights. You need someone with a complete understanding of Massachusetts personal injury or wrongful death claim working on your claim. Our team of attorneys will make sure a truck driver or trucking company is not too try to cheat you or be dishonest about their involvement in your accident.

A truck accident claim is a civil claim, so there are a lot of administrative things that need to be handled. There are document requirements, filing deadlines and a host of other administrative tasks to be done whether you are pursuing a settlement with an insurer or filed your claim with a civil court.

Truck accident lawyers have outstanding investigatory skills. They have the ability to identify, locate and analyze critical sources of evidence. Our team knows that a trucker’s log book, the trucking company’s log books, the black boxes and the safety and accident record are treasure troves of evidence. Let USAttorneys connect you with a truck wreck lawyer near you in Massachusetts.


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