A truck accident can leave victims with significant injuries.

Ventura, CA- Were you hit by a semi, tanker or other large commercial truck in Ventura? Are you hurt? Are your injuries significant? Are the medical bills flooding your mailbox? Are losing time from work? If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, you might be eligible for compensation for your truck accident. But if you plan on seeking compensation for your California accident, there are some things you need to know about filing your personal injury claim.

If you decide to file a claim following your Ventura truck accident, USAttorneys recommends you speak with an injury lawyer located near you to explain the options you have to recover compensation and help you decide which one is right given the circumstances of your crash.

Victims of an accident whether it involves a commercial truck or a car or it occurred in the workplace, have limited amount of time to file their claim called the statute of limitations. In Ventura, and California as a whole, is two years, so victims must file their claim in that time of their case can be dismissed.

Truck accident victims  in Ventura suffer major injuries that can leave them permanently or temporarily disabled.

Accident victims are entitled to compensation for their present and future medical expenses, loss of wages, costs of property repair or replacement and any other expenses they incur because of their accident. Truck accident victims may also be eligible for damages for their emotional distress and punitive damages, which are appropriate when a truck driver’s or a trucking company’s actions are considered grossly negligent or were intentional.

The key to presenting a successful case is proving that a truck driver or a trucking company was acting negligently or recklessly at the time of your collision. Proving negligence can be a hard thing to do for the lay person, but our team of truck accident lawyers are pros and know how to show that the party who caused your accident failed to take due care, and you were injured as a result. If you can’t prove negligence, you won’t be able to recover the amount of compensation you truly deserve for your accident.

You have  limited time to file your claim, so you need legal advice.

You have limited time to file your claim, so you need legal advice.

USAttorneys recommends truck accident victims in Ventura, California consult with one of our bright, dedicated and skilled truck accident attorneys before making any decisions their claim. Our legal team will work tirelessly on your case, so you get the settlement amount that reflects your injuries and the suffering you endure because of your accident. Our lawyers don’t rest on a claim until the victims get what they deserve. Contact a lawyer today and set up a consultation.

It can be hard to keep up with all you need to do to recover compensation, so leave the hard work to someone who understands the process and is aware or crucial deadlines. Your attorney will worry about these things, so you can focus on getting well and moving on from your accident.