Commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 lbs.

Lafayette, LA- How much training do you think you would need to drive a tractor trailer or fuel tanker? How many hours behind the wheel, would you want before you hit the road with a commercial truck? Sixty hours? Forty hours? Less? The reality is probably less than you realize. That is one of the reasons the truck accident lawyers at USAttorneys wanted to discuss truck driver experience.

In any industry, training and experience are paramount and ensures a job is done correctly, but in most professions lack of experience is not deadly. Of course, there are exceptions which include the medical field, construction, manufacturing and driving a commercial truck.

First, we don’t want to malign all truck drivers, because the vast majority do an outstanding job and have years if driving experience under their belt. That, however, doesn’t change the fact some truck drivers are put on the road before they are prepared to handle their vehicles if they experience a mechanical failure or an emergency situation arises.

Some drivers have minimal experience behind the wheel.

You might be surprised to learn the federal training requirements for truck drivers is minimal. Current federal regulations require drivers to take a road test and spend at least 10 hours in the classroom. Some trucking companies ask drivers to have more training than the government requires, but that is the extent of federal requirements. That is something trucking safety advocates would like to change.

There has some movement to change truck driver training requirements on the federal level, but there has been slow progress. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in February of last year, announced they developed a committee to examine ways to improve driver training requirements. They will eventually make recommendations about how many hours of on-the-road training a driver should get.

If you were in an accident with an inexperienced truck driver, we urge you to speak with a truck accident lawyer in Lafayette, Louisiana to set up a consultation. An attorney will work hard to secure the full amount of compensation you and your family members are entitled to for your pain and suffering.

A truck accident attorney in Louisiana can help you recover compensation.

A truck accident attorney in Louisiana can help you recover compensation.

Improved driver training will keep some truck accidents from happening, but it’s not going to stop all truck accidents. Each year thousands of people are injured in truck accidents because of inferior driver training and other negligent actions. When you want to recover fair compensation, contact a truck accident lawyer in Lafayette and set up a case consultation. Your legal counsel will be able to identify the cause of your accident and identify all responsible parties so that you can recover maximum compensation. Whether you need to recover from an insurer, a trucking company or at-fault truck driver, an attorney will be an asset to your case.

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Don't get less than you deserve for your injuries, hire a lawyer.

Don’t get less than you deserve for your injuries, hire a lawyer.