After your Tampa accident, we recommend you speak with a truck accident lawyer to be sure you get all of the compensation you need

Tampa, FL- Have you been hit by a commercial truck? Did you suffer a severe or catastrophic injury? Are your medical expenses adding up? If you were in a truck accident, you might be wondering what comes next? Our team of truck accident lawyers in Tampa, Florida will discuss what accident victims need to know if they plan on filing an injury claim.

Soon after your accident, it is likely that you will be contacted by the insurance company representing the truck driver or trucking company responsible for your collision. They have one goal, and that is to settle your case quickly which means they are likely to approach you with a settlement offer that is less than you deserve. That is why USAttorneys recommends you speak with a lawyer before you accept any offer from a trucking company or their insurer.

If you are contacted about your accident, don’t talk to anyone unless your legal counsel is present. Even though, the party contacting you may say they just have a few simple, harmless questions to ask, don’t answer them. The objective is to get any information they can to reduce their financial liability and you could get a lesser settlement than you need or deserve.

Truck accidents typically result in severe injuries that leave victims with thousands and thousands of medical in accident-related expenses.

If you do plan to pursue a truck accident claim, your attorney will begin investigating your accident to determine who should take responsibility for your crash. Once the responsible parties have been identified, you then need to decide the best way to recover compensation from the crash. Your truck accident attorney will explain if you should enter settlement negotiations or if you will be better off by taking your claim to court. That decision will be one of the most important decisions you will make about your truck accident claim, so don’t decide before you speak with a lawyer.

For some accident victims, settlement negotiations result in generous settlement amount especially if they have someone arguing on their behalf. Negotiations can take months, so victims need to be patient, but this means of resolution is far less time-consuming than a civil suit which can take months, sometimes years to resolve.

There are a lot of decisions you need to make about your Tampa truck accident claim, don’t make any of those decisions without getting the advice of a truck accident attorney in Florida. USAttorneys can inform you of the options you have to resolve your claim, so you recover the amount of compensation you deserve. Once you are able, you should set up a consultation with one of our outstanding injury attorneys.  The sooner you act, the sooner you can resolve your case.

You can settle your case through negotiations or take your claim to civil court.