Rollover accidents are one of the most frequent types of truck wrecks that occur on our roadways today. With trucks carrying heavy loads of cargo that can potentially cause the truck to flip, it is no secret why these accidents occur as often as they do. Although most trucks are only transporting products or produce which pose no threat to the health of individuals should it spill out of the vehicle, the same can’t be said when a tanker truck rolls over. The fact is, many of these vehicles are transporting flammable and/or hazardous materials that could cause individuals to become sick and even lead to a fire breaking out in the event one were to rollover.

Because the chances of engaging in a rollover accident are high, below we share some helpful tips the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) offers in one of their informational videos that you can begin implementing to help prevent from becoming the next victim of one of these one unfortunate incidents.


  1. The first thing you need to take into consideration is a cargo tanker truck’s design and performance so that you understand how it can work against you and actually increase your chances of engaging in a rollover.


Your vehicle’s speed, the sharpness and banking of your turns, and your units center of gravity all are important things that need to be taken into consideration if you are looking for ways to prevent your truck from tipping and rolling. You see, when you make a turn and the vehicle leans to the side, the truck’s center of gravity shifts toward the outside of the curve and the liquid inside moves sideways. The FMCSA refers to this as “sloshing.” Now, if “this happens too suddenly or too strongly,” it can cause the vehicle to roll.

Something else to consider is when you hit your brakes. If you were to hit them too hard, the liquid inside the tank would then “surge forward” which can also cause the vehicle to tip. Therefore, it is important that if you want to reduce your chances of having your tanker rollover, you maintain a safe speed and approach turns with caution as many are often sharper than you anticipate.


  1. Be aware of your load size and how your driving affects its movements.


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Because the load in a tanker truck is always shifting, it is important for the operator of the vehicle to always maintain a safe speed and never approach a turn too fast.

Unlike other truck drivers who are able to secure their load which helps prevent it from shifting, tanker truck drivers aren’t able to do the same. The fact is, your load is always shifting given the fact that you can’t secure liquid which means the chances of your truck rolling is even greater. Therefore, the best way you can prevent your load from shifting to the point where it causes your vehicle to roll is to ” manage your speed and adapt your driving to the current conditions that are present” [Source: FMCSA].

For more helpful tips on how to prevent a tanker truck from rolling over,  FMCSA’s website.


All truck drivers are at risk of having their vehicle rollover so it is important that everyone take the necessary measures to prevent a wreck from transpiring.


Regardless of the level experience you might have in the trucking industry, the fact is, truckers should neverbecome too comfortable behind the wheel as this is only a recipe for disaster. The reality is, rollover accidents occur each and every day and can happen unexpectedly. Therefore, you must be cognizant of all the things we mentioned above along with what you have been taught throughout your trainings to avoid having your tanker flip and roll which could lead to a spill and you sustaining serious or even fatal injuries.

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