Getting into a truck accident is no small matter. When a vehicle as large as a truck happens to lose control, the results can be fatal for the truck driver and also, for everyone else sharing the road with them.

Being a truck driver can be a very risky job and it seems like it’s getting more dangerous by the year. Statistics show that trucking fatalities actually increased by 9% in the previous years. To make matters more difficult, not only are truck accidents increasing in number, but they are also generally more complicated than normal accidents when they are examined through a legal perspective.

The reason they are more complicated legally is that there are so many more parties involved when it comes to trying to determine who is at fault. In a normal accident, only the owners of the vehicles that were involved need to undergo investigation. However, in a truck accident, the truck driver, the truck owner, the cargo company owner, and the drivers of the other vehicles which crashed all need to be taken into consideration if litigation is pursued. Not to mention that since the accident will most definitely be larger, there will be more injuries and damages to pay for as well.

What steps should I take if my truck gets into an accident?

If a truck driver finds themselves in an accident, or if any other car driver finds themselves in an accident which concerns a truck then they need to follow a few basic steps.

  1. Get into a safe area and help other involved drivers if possible
  2. Check for any injuries and if required, call the ambulance
  3. Call firefighters to the scene if there is a fire or risk of explosion
  4. Take pictures of the scene and make videos if possible
  5. Write down exactly what happened as soon as a person is safe so that they do not forget what really happened
  6. Get in touch with a truck accident attorney in Philadelphia, PA to understand what steps need to be taken and what one needs to inform their insurance company

Why is it important to call a lawyer before calling my insurance company?

Many people may think that their first action should be to call their insurance company, especially when the accident was so large. However, this generally isn’t the wisest thing to do.

If a person wants to ensure that they aren’t held liable for the accident and that they get as much compensation as possible for their financial losses and their injuries then they should first get in touch with an educated attorney who can help them put together all the right documents. In order to claim as much as possible, a person has to have all the correct evidence and paperwork in order and that’s where a legal expert who specializes in automobile accidents can really be useful.