In most cases, nobody wants to get the police involved in an accident unless it is absolutely necessary. Involving the police does complicate matters and it also makes the entire incident that much scarier and more intimidating. Unfortunately, almost every truck accident will generally require involving police officers simply because of how much damage the average truck accident causes.

There are three conditions in which police officers absolutely have to be contacted after an accident:

  1. If anyone suffers from a personal injury due to the accident
  2. If a death occurs due to the accident
  3. If the property damage exceeds $500

Most truck accidents generally cause a lot more than $500 of damage and they also generally cause serious personal injuries.

Can calling the police benefit me?

It is always a good idea to contact the police even if the accident seems minor because the police report which will be formed for the accident can be used as valuable evidence if anything comes up in the future. Oftentimes what happens is that both drivers walk away from the accident thinking they did not suffer serious injuries or that the damage to their vehicle was minimal.

However, it’s only after a few days or weeks that they realize the real impact of the accident on both their body and their vehicle. In such cases, it is vital that a person has proper evidence, such as a police report, in order to prove that the accident actually took place and in order to decide who was at fault.

A truck accident attorney in Marietta, GA can help a person defend themselves appropriately in court so they get the financial compensation they need and also so that they are not unjustly blamed for the accident. Since truck accidents generally result in very expensive damages, it would be extremely unfortunate to be unjustly blamed with liability when a person was not even at fault, to begin with. A legal professional can help a person avoid getting into such a situation by helping them put their case together and presenting it in an appropriate manner in court.

What should I do at the scene of the accident?

After a person ensures the safety of themselves and other individuals involved in the accident they should exchange information with the other drivers and also request the contact information of bystanders who witnessed the accident. Having eye witnesses can be a major game-changer when it comes to winning the favor of the judge or jury in a court setting.

Police officers should be contacted if there was a lot of property damage or if anyone suffered from a personal injury due to the accident. Even if the accident was minor it is always a good idea to inform the police and get a police report as it can be used as evidence in the future if needed.