Nashville, TN – Highway driving is always dangerous due to high speeds, a mix of cars and trucks of different sizes, and other unpredictable factors such as bad weather and cargo spills. Large trucks tend to stay on highways for hundreds of miles each day, and they are likely to be involved in a collision with other types of vehicles. 

Large numbers of people in Tennessee are affected each year

Data from the state government shows that over one hundred people may die each year from semi truck collisions and at least one thousand will be injured. Injuries can range from very minor problems that heal within days, to life changing problems due to paralysis or traumatic brain injuries. All of these kinds of injuries have high medical costs. The total cost of these injuries and fatalities can reach into the millions annually. 

Mistakes by a driver can have serious consequences 

Many of these collisions happen due to simple mistakes made by the truck driver. In order to receive a commercial driver’s license, truck drivers receive various types of training related to mandatory break times, vehicle operation, and issues such as distraction and fatigue. Despite these regulations and compulsory training, truck driving is still one of the most dangerous occupations and a driver’s attention can lapse during a trip that takes several hours. The use of cellphones and various other technologies has made distraction a more serious problem for drivers over the last decade than ever before. 

Lawsuits against the trucking business

When a truck driver causes an accident, their employer is liable as well. Both the individual driver and the parent company will be attached as defendants in the lawsuit. However, the business that owns the truck will most likely end up paying damages out to the victim. In rare cases, a driver that is considered an independent contractor may be personally liable if there is no parent company. 

There are various procedure rules implicated by this process, but accident victims should know that an experienced attorney will know how to attach both the employer and the driver to the lawsuit. Principles related to negligence and the calculation of damages may be part of the settlement negotiations or trial process as well. The victim should choose a reputable attorney who they can trust to handle these matters properly. 

Tennessee accident attorneys are available to help

George Fusner is an experienced attorney who focuses on injury and accident cases for local clients in the Nashville metro area. Anyone who needs more information about lawsuits, settlements, and other aspects of the legal process can contact the firm.  

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