Garbage truck drivers have to maneuver in and out of driveways and collection spots while they are working each day. Needless to say, this creates hazards on the roads and accidents do frequently happen.

An aide on a school bus in Miami, Florida was injured during a collision with a garbage truck.

Garbage truck backs into school bus heading northbound

The incident happened on a Thursday morning near the intersection of Northwest 12th Ave and 67th Street when no children were present on the bus. An officer from the local police department made a statement that they believe the garbage truck was backing up onto 12th Ave as the bus was continuing northbound on that same street. The front of the bus went into the right rear panel of the truck near Holmes Elementary School. Miami Fire Rescue crews arrived on the scene and had to make multiple cuts into the side of the bus and from above to try to free the trapped aide because his leg was pinned down. The bus driver was also transported to a local hospital in the area with injuries but in stable condition, while the aide remained in critical condition. The garbage truck driver was not injured.

Police were still in the process of investigating the crash, but no information was given about if either driver would be cited for causing the accident or violating traffic regulations.

Suing a garbage truck driver or their employer

Most garbage trucks are either owned by private waste management companies or a local government. It is possible to file lawsuits against either entity to make them pay for damages when they cause an accident. This is because the employer is the one who will be liable for the actions of the driver. These entities also tend to have larger insurance policies in effect which will help them cover any relevant damages from a lawsuit.

Calculating damages

The most important aspect of any motor vehicle accident from a plaintiff’s perspective is the amount of money the person or business responsible will have to pay them at the conclusion of their motor vehicle accident case. This can vary based on each accident, but things like the person’s medical bills, lost wages, hospital expenses, and long term trauma can all be covered by the damages that the defendant must pay out. This is done in a number of different ways by lawyers.

Economic damages are specific amounts tied to treatment from doctors and other medical professionals for injuries, along with other things such as costs of repairs for property damage, or the amount of time a person missed from work and the value of that time based on their pay rate.

Non-economic damages give lawyers more room to argue because they can attempt to put a value on things like emotional pain and suffering or long-term stress and psychological trauma that is tied to the accident. In serious accidents, these amounts can grow quite large because the person’s quality of life is permanently affected.

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