Drivers who live in Wisconsin have to follow the state laws regarding any automobile accident they may get into. One of the rules which they have to follow is to ensure they file their accident claim on time. If a driver fails to report an accident within the required frame of time their request can be easily rejected and they may lose their right to receive financial compensation to cover their damages.

According to the Wisconsin Statutes § 893.54, it is necessary for anyone who is injured in a truck accident to make their claim within three years of the incident. If a person files their claim after the three year period has passed then the court will most probably overlook their case. This can result in a person losing out on a great deal of financial support they would have otherwise gained had they filed the report on time.

A good way to avoid finding oneself in this situation is to call a truck accident lawyer in Pewaukee, WI as soon as possible. Calling a lawyer shortly after the accident will give a person a huge advantage because of the amount of experience and education lawyers bring to the table. Attorneys who specialize in dealing with cases regarding truck accidents can inform clients about the most probable damages they will be able to claim and also help them gather pieces of evidence to prove that the other party had truly been at fault for the accident.

In a nutshell, a qualified lawyer will be able to help a person out by doing the following:

  • Examining evidence such as public traffic cameras to see what really happened during the accident
  • Looking through the truck drivers travel log to ensure they had not exceeded their hours of service
  • Discussing the accident with collision experts to discuss what may have actually happened at the scene
  • Examining police reports
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Talking to all relevant parties who may be involved in the accident in order to collect information

With the right pieces of evidence and the correct representation in court, a person can easily be given an adequate amount of financial compensation to help them cover any costs they incurred due to the accident.

What damages can I claim in court?

The compensation a person claims depends directly on how adversely the accident affected their life and their property. If their vehicle was damaged they can claim compensation to have their vehicle fixed up. If they faced a personal injury they can claim the medical bills, and if they lost a loved one they can claim for pain and suffering and also loss of family income depending on how much the deceased used to contribute to their financial situation.

At the end of the day, a person will only be awarded damages if they are able to present enough evidence of their losses. Hiring a legal professional is the best way to maximize one’s chances for winning compensation.