Baton Rouge, LA Truck drivers not getting enough sleep or taking proper breaks is known to be one of the main causes of accidents involving commercial vehicles. This is because fatigued driving has been shown to impair the driver’s senses and reactions to a degree similar to intoxication. If there is evidence to show that a driver was fatigued or had not taken required rest breaks, this can be used against the driver and their employer in a civil lawsuit for compensation. 

Fatigued driving is common among commercial drivers

Data from organizations such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has shown that fatigue is one of the most common ways that truck drivers get into collisions, causing serious injuries and fatalities. This is due to working long hours, stress, the repetitive nature of driving for hours on end, and not getting enough sleep. Research has also shown that these problems are much more common among drivers of commercial vehicles than people with standard cars. Large semi trucks are particularly dangerous when the driver is tired or fatigued, as hazardous materials, cargo, and other materials can spill onto highways if the trailer turns over. 

Regulations for truck drivers

Government agencies that regulate commercial driving have known about these dangers for years, and they have tried to implement regulations to keep drivers well rested while they are working. As a general rule, drivers cannot log more than eleven hours of driving time in a twenty four hour period and sixty hours of driving per week. However, enforcement and detecting these violations is not always easy. There may be large numbers of fatigued truckers on the road at any given time who have not been following these rules. 

Responsibility for accidents

Drivers or their employers may be sued if they cause a collision on the roads. Breaking the rules about driving hours and break periods is clear evidence of negligence, which shows that the driver violated the necessary duty of care required of all commercial drivers. A victim may receive compensation for their medical costs, lost income and wages, along with non-economic damages for pain and suffering. Anyone who has been involved in a truck accident should report the crash to the police and their insurance company, then they can talk with a local legal professional to determine the right course of action. 

Starting the process to bring a lawsuit after a truck accident

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a personal injury firm that helps people in Louisiana who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents. A consultation with the firm’s attorneys is the best way for an accident victim to try to get help. 

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