Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of trucking accidents in New Mexico. Truckers are extremely aware of this – perhaps more so than others. These commercial drivers understand the risks of driver fatigue, and many have developed specific strategies to fight this problem. Some of these strategies are healthy and effective, while others are not. Because driver fatigue is such a major concern among truckers, it makes sense to assess these strategies.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, driver fatigue may have been a contributing factor. However, proving negligence isn’t always easy. In order to approach this situation in the most efficient way possible, it often helps to work with a qualified, experienced truck accident attorney in New Mexico. These legal professionals can investigate the specific circumstances that led to your crash. If they discover that driver fatigue or any other form of negligence played a role in your injuries, they can help you recover a settlement.

Healthy Ways to Fight Driver Fatigue

There are a number of healthy strategies that truckers can employ to fight driver fatigue. Here are a few examples:

  • Adequate Sleep: Getting enough sleep before a long journey can make a significant difference. Those who get at least seven hours of sleep can ward off the effects of driver fatigue more effectively and for longer periods of time.
  • Healthy Diet: You’d be amazed at the effect of a healthy diet on overall energy levels. Truckers who eat nutritiously can expect better reaction times and awareness.
  • Taking Breaks: Some believe that truckers should take a break every couple of hours. It could be as something as hopping out of the cab and stretching their legs for a few minutes.
  • Hydration: Along with food, regular hydration is very important for energy levels. Water is always the best choice.
  • Technology: Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) can help truckers keep an eye on their fatigue levels. In some situations, using these devices is mandatory.

Unhealthy Strategies

On the flipside, there are a number of unhealthy strategies for fighting fatigue that truckers would do well to avoid:

  • Caffeine: Coffee might provide you with a rush of energy to begin with, but it is eventually accompanied by a “crash.”
  • Fast Food: The same logic applies to fast food. A recent study linked fast food with driver fatigue.
  • Drugs: Truckers may also use drugs like amphetamines to stay awake for long periods of time. These “uppers” may cause truckers to drive aggressively, and these drugs also cause users to “crash” eventually.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have been injured in a New Mexico trucking accident, reach out to the Law Office of Brian K. Branch at your earliest convenience. We have considerable experience with trucking accidents, and we can help you prove the negligence of reckless drivers in an effective manner. With a personal injury settlement, you can cover medical expenses, missed wages, and other damages. Reach out and book your consultation today.


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