Austin, TX – One of the most common causes of truck accidents is a tire blowout. Truckers need to spend hours each day on the road and travel very long distances. This means that tires tend to wear out much more quickly than those on standard vehicles, and there is much more exposure to road debris and other obstacles that may possibly destroy a tire. If a driver suddenly experiences a blowout, it is possible that they will lose control of their vehicle and become involved in a collision. Truckers and their employers who are found to be negligent for improper maintenance may possibly be sued after the accident

Issues with cargo

A common problem that many truckers deal with is a load that was not properly loaded or balanced. If there is excessive weight on one or all of the tires, they are much more likely to experience a failure due to this increased pressure. Various governments have created weight limits and other regulations that deal with cargo and how it should be secured, but this is still a significant cause of tire damage. In some cases, a company that helped the driver load the cargo can be implicated if there is an accident and a negligence lawsuit. 

Lack of regular maintenance

All companies that own fleets of commercial vehicles should have the tires and other crucial parts checked and serviced by mechanics on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this does not always happen often enough, and a vehicle with a damaged tire can end up on the road. 

Issues with the tire having too much or too little air pressure are common, and they can become serious when a truck is on a highway for several hours at a time. The tire will prematurely wear due to these pressure issues. 

Debris and objects on the road

Many drivers have experienced a tire catching a nail or other sharp object that can puncture the surface. In a standard sized car, this is less likely to be a serious problem because the vehicle will not be travelling for several hours at a time with a damaged tire. Trucks are exposed to highway dangers and other parts of the road where the tires come into contact with construction materials, rocks, and other kinds of debris on the road surface. Over time, it is likely that one of these objects will destroy the tire. 

Legal advice after a collision

Robson Law Firm is available to help people in the Austin area after injuries caused during a motor vehicle accident. Their attorneys can meet with local clients to provide advice about a specific course of action. 

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