Truck accidents can cause significant property damage and serious injuries. That is why after a crash, it is important to talk to a specialist attorney and learn about the local laws in Louisiana that are relevant to these kinds of situations.

A truck that came lose from a motor home crashed into the offices of a local radio station in Lake Charles, Louisiana, destroying part of the structure and items inside.

Pickup truck comes lose while being towed and crashes into office building

Police believe the vehicle was being driven off of a feeder road near Lakeshore Drive, when the pickup truck weighing almost a ton started to come lose. The truck was likely either not secured properly or something was wrong with the motor hitch. After the pickup came loose, it went through the parking lot, hit a curb, went through the sign outside of the building, and crashed into the building before finally coming to a stop.

The damage included an entire wall that was destroyed near the building’s human resources office. The pipes in that section of the building were also damaged and caused water leakage. Some pieces of furniture and other items inside were totally destroyed. A statement from the Gator 99.5 radio station that was housed in the building said that no one was injured despite the extensive property damage.

Photos of the scene show the wall and windows of the room that was damaged totally missing, along with debris from office furniture and supplies scattered around.

Paying for property damage

In a situation like this, the office will require significant repairs, especially due to the need for new plumbing and replacing part of the structure of the building. A civil negligence lawsuit is the most common way that someone can contact an attorney to get help paying for these kinds of costs.

Negligence cases

Each state has slightly different rules for negligence, but the general structure is that a defendant is sued for not being careful enough and causing some kind of damage through things like injuries and property damage. The amounts tied to repairs, medical treatment, lost wages, and other costs can be added up and this total amount essentially determines the value of the lawsuit.

Louisiana’s comparative negligence laws

Plaintiffs in the state of Louisiana are fortunate because the state uses a doctrine called comparative negligence. This means that everyone who is at fault for an accident can have the damages divided to equal one hundred percent. This is important because even if the victim of the accident is found to be partially at fault, they can have the amount of damages they will receive reduced relative to their level of fault. In some other jurisdictions, partial fault will totally eliminate their ability to sue.

These doctrines can become complex after some accidents, however after a brief discussion with your lawyer you should be able to get more specific information related to your case and what to expect.

Talk to a truck crash expert in Lake Charles

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