After being involved in a truck accident in Louisville, KY, there are multiple avenues that can be taken if you are looking to recover compensation for the injuries you have sustained. Many individuals who are involved in these types of collisions often suffer from back and neck injuries, and depending on how serious the collision was, many even undergo surgery. And with the cost of medical care as high as it is and injuries prohibiting a person from being unable to work, it is important for a victim to understand how they can collect compensation so that while they are focusing on recovering, they have some sort of financial stability during this time.


So, below are a few options you have and may want to explore depending on when and where the accident occurred and how much your damages are worth.


  1. Look into collecting workers’ compensation. If you were involved in a truck accident while on the job and your position entitles you to collect workers’ compensation, your employer’s insurance company should provide you with benefits that will cover your medical expenses as well as provide you with a percentage of what you were making while actively working. To find out whether you qualify for these benefits, you will need to notify your employer that you were involved in an accident if you haven’t already done so and then follow the steps they provide so that a claim can be filed and you can begin receiving your benefits.


  1. File a civil claim. Now, if you don’t qualify for workers’ compensation or the benefits aren’t enough to cover your damages, you may want to look into filing a civil claim. You will want to hire a truck accident attorney in Louisville, KY to assist with this process as it is generally required of you to do so and they can help increase your chances of obtaining a successful outcome. Now, when you choose to file a civil claim, you are essentially looking to collect compensation from the party you believe is liable for causing you to suffer, whether it is physically or mentally, or for the property damage they caused. It is important to understand that a civil claim filed through the Small Claims Department can only be filed if you are looking to collect $5,000 or less.



What should I do if my injuries are worth more than $5,000?


Many truck crash victims often find that their damages are worth much more than $5,000. And if you believe your injuries and/or property damages is worth more than this, you may need to take your case a step higher and file a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party. Again, it would be in your best interest to hire a Louisville, KY truck accident lawyer who understands how to maneuver through the legal process and will fight for you to receive the maximum amount of compensation your injuries are, in fact, worth.


So, if you would like the opportunity to sit down with a truck accident lawyer who can assess your case and determine the best approach to take so that you can work toward recovering the compensation you need right now, contact We will connect you with some of the best lawyers in the Louisville area who can answer your questions, provide you with advice, and guide in the right direction so that you are awarded the funds you deserve.