In nearly every truck accident, individuals who have been hit will be required to prove that the truck driver, or a relevant party, had acted in negligence in one way or the other. Acting negligently can constitute the following:

  • The truck driver had been breaking traffic rules
  • The truck driver had been intoxicated
  • The truck driver had been distracted while driving
  • The truck driver was not licensed properly
  • The truck driver had not followed the rules of Hours of Service
  • The truck had not been maintained properly
  • The cargo of the truck had not been loaded on appropriately
  • There was excessive cargo in the truck

If a person is able to prove negligence then they will most likely be entitled to receive compensation for any injuries they faced or any income they lost as a result of the accident.

When it comes to actually proving these damages in court, it is always a good idea to hire a truck accident attorney in Palm Harbor, Florida.

The main benefit of a legal professional by one’s side is they will know exactly what evidence will be required by the court in order to convince them that the truck driver had actually acted negligently. A person should get in touch with their attorney shortly after the accident so they can start collecting evidence and working on the case immediately.

Some pieces of evidence which are considered acceptable include:

  • Witness testimony
  • Medical testimonies
  • Pictures and video footage
  • Audio recordings
  • Statements made by the truck driver or relevant parties

Out of the above, letters and statements made by the doctor are extremely important because they will allow the court to determine how much compensation a person really needs in order to cover all of their medical bills and knowing how severe the injuries are will also allow them to determine how much time a person will be taking off from work and therefore they can calculate how much financial compensation a person will need to cover their lost wages.

How much information should I give after a truck accident?

Feeling confused and nervous after a truck accident is entirely normal. However, a person should remember to try and say as little as possible to both the truck driver and the police officers who arrive on the scene.  Even if a person says a statement as simple as an apology, the other parties may use that against them in court.

To be on the safe side, a person should simply agree to exchange their contact information and speak about other basic facts. There is no need to converse a lot as it could potentially lead one to trouble when matters as escalated at a legal level.

One a person has their attorney by their side; they will be able to guide them on the proper statements to make in court and the appropriate pieces of evidence to present in order to get them a reasonable amount of compensation for any damages they faced.