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If you’re worried about getting back on the road after having been involved in a truck accident in Detroit, consider these tips provided below that might be able to help you.

Engaging in a truck accident is a frightening experience and one that could cause a person to not want to ever drive again. Unfortunately, the average person cannot afford to pay for an Uber or Lyft to come and pick them up every day or hire a personal driver so they are able to get where they need to go. Therefore, most are forced to get back behind the wheel of their vehicle after engaging in an accident, but that doesn’t mean they are comfortable with doing so.

If you were involved in a collision with a large truck in Detroit, MI and are finding it difficult or stressful to drive, here are a few tips author Edward Hickling, Psy.D. and board-certified clinical psychologist Kenneth Reinhard, Ph.D., had to offer Geico that may help you feel a little more comfortable with operating your vehicle again.


  1. Write down how the accident happened from beginning to end. “Writing a narrative of the accident helps people face the trauma and deal with their emotions,” says Hickling. He has found that after his patients repeat this exercise enough, their thoughts of the accident no longer upset them.


  1. Avoid keeping it to yourself. Being afraid to get back on the road is understandable, especially if you suffered serious injuries as a result of the wreck, so you shouldn’t be worried about how others are going to judge you for this. Reinhard says that you should talk to family, friends, and others who want to listen about your experience which “can help ease fear and anxiety.” When discussing the accident, you will want to focus on “how you survived and [that] you are now safe.”


  1. Start slow until you become more comfortable with driving again. For example, it might be beneficial for you to drive when there is less traffic on the road or in an area that is sure to increase your stress levels. As you progress and begin to feel more confident with driving, then you can venture out to those areas that made you feel anxious or nervous in.


  1. Try not to avoid the crash site. Hickling says that when you change your route or slow your speed because you feel nervous, it’s counterproductive and “you’re feeding your anxiety.” While it may be hard to revisit the site where one of the most traumatic accidents you were ever involved in occurred, Hickling says there are “a number of proven treatments that can help, including traditional and cognitive behavior therapies.”


  1. Consider taking a defensive driving course. “Sharpening your skills may help you feel more assured behind the wheel,” says Hickling and by taking a defensive driving course, you might be able to “recognize and analyze developing situations that could become dangerous, and [learn] proactive procedures to minimize other risks.”


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If you’re suffering from mental anguish as a result of a truck collision and want to find out if you are entitled to compensation for this, contact to speak with a Detroit, MI truck crash lawyer.

Getting back into a vehicle might seem challenging, but with these tips and others you may have received from friends, family, and physicians, you might be back in your vehicle sooner than later and have no trouble at all. In the meantime, however, you should consider contacting a Detroit, MI truck accident attorney to find out if the mental anguish you are suffering is compensable. Sometimes, truck accident victims in Michigan are awarded damages, or money for the way the incident has impacted them and their lives.

To learn more about collecting compensation for mental anguish, contact and we will help you locate a truck accident lawyer in Detroit who has the ability to get you the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.