After an accident involving a truck has occurred, individuals need to ensure that they are able to identify every entity involved in the accident. If a person wants to ensure that they are compensated properly for their losses then they need to make sure they establish the appropriate liability.

It is very important that a person names all the potentially liable parties at the beginning of their lawsuit. If the names of potential offenders come up, later on, there are fewer chances they will be held liable for the accident. The reason being, because there are specific filing deadlines for such negligence cases and if a party is not mentioned earlier on there are high chances that the deadline will be crossed.

Do I sue the truck driver?

Most individuals feel like they have to hold the driver alone responsible for the accident. This is a major mistake and can lead to a person getting a lot less compensation than they deserve. In an accident regarding smaller vehicles a person generally only sues the driver.

However, when a truck is involved in the crash things tend to get a lot messier. There are many larger companies involved such as the owner of the truck, the manufacturer of the truck, and the owner of the goods the truck was carrying. The company who hired the truck driver can also be held liable if they did not screen the driver and test the driver properly before hiring them.

Each of these individuals needs to be identified and named when a person is filing their lawsuit.

Who should I contact for help?

Anyone who has been hit by a truck driver should get in touch with a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles, CA. A truck accident lawyer is familiar with all of the possible parties which a person can hold liable and they can have the paperwork and the legalities easily taken care of.

In most cases, a lawyer will base the lawsuit on negligence and try to prove that one of the offending parties was negligent in one way or the other and their negligence is what really lead to the accident. It could be the truck driver who was negligent of the traffic laws or it could be the manufacturer who had been negligent while constructing the truck, to begin with.

A lawyer can also help a person gather the evidence and witnesses required to prove how much damage was done and what actually occurred at the scene of the accident. Getting into an accident involving a truck can be very expensive and can cause a lot of loss in a person’s life. If a person wants to get financial help to recover from the damages they suffered, they should reach out to a lawyer to help them begin the process of redeeming compensation from the person who was responsible for the accident.