Like most motorists today, truck drivers rely heavily on their navigation system to get them where they need to go, especially if they are required to travel in uncharted territory. Now, as helpful and convenient as navigation devices are, they can cause a driver to become distracted while behind the wheel which only increases the chances of causing a severe accident to occur. That is why truckers need to ensure they are safely using their navigation systems and are taking the necessary precautions to prevent from engaging in a wreck that could bring upon harm to them and those traveling close by.

Now, if you work in the trucking industry or are a new hire and are looking for some tips that can help you safely use your GPS device, below are a few safety tips provided on behalf of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).


  1. You should only be using a navigation system that is intended for drivers of large trucks and buses. These systems will provide you with the appropriate route to take and help you avoid traveling down roadways that may pose as a threat to you or those you simply are not permitted to take. By using the proper GPS system, you not only avoid being cited for failing to comply with state regulations, but you also reduce the chances of encountering a low-hanging bridge your vehicle cannot fit under.


  1. Before you begin your trip, you should “type in all relevant information about [your] vehicle” so the system can provide you with the proper route. This might include your vehicle’s length, width, and height, your axle weights, and any hazardous materials you may be transporting [Source: FMCSA].


  1. You are always encouraged to follow the route the GPS provides you with, however, you still need to remain cognizant of the traffic signs and advisories and obey them when they apply to you. Sometimes, your navigation system may fail to warn you about low bridge overpasses, axle weight limits, etc. which is why you need to be alert and pay attention to the signs you see.


  1. Never engage in distracted driving. The reason you are urged to program your GPS device prior to taking off is so that you don’t have to type anything into it while you are on the road. In the event you come across a detour and must change routes, pull over to a safe area or stop at the next rest area to reprogram your system.


  1. In the event “your navigation system does not provide automatic updates of the maps, be sure to obtain updates to ensure you are following the most current route.” Although most GPS systems today are capable of providing you with up-to-date maps, some still lag behind so it is up to you to be sure you update your device regularly so that it provides you with the right directions.


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As helpful as GPS systems are, they can cause a driver to become distracted which is why truck operators and all others should always set their destination prior to taking off.

According to the most recent data that is available, a total of 3,986 people were killed in large truck crashes in 2016 [Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety]. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to implement the safety tips we mentioned above so that you can avoid from engaging in a wreck that could cause you to suffer a severe injury or worse, take your life.


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