Are you someone who enjoys bicycling through Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale or getting around by foot? If so, then you may have encountered a few close calls with cars, trucks, and even buses that nearly crashed into you. Unfortunately, many who opt to ride a bike or walk often don’t receive the same respect as those traveling inside a vehicle which puts them more at risk of getting hit and sustaining a serious injury. Did you know that the state of Florida ranked fifth in 2017 as being one of the states with the highest number of pedestrian deaths reported [Source:]? In 2015, Florida was also recognized as having the highest number of deaths among bicycle riders [Source: Orlando Sentinel].

Based on the statistics provided above, it is clear that pedestrians and bicyclists must remain vigilant while out walking or riding to prevent from becoming yet another victim to an automobile accident. Aside from being cautious and attentive, bikers and pedestrians need to also familiarize themselves with some safety tips that can help them reduce the chances of being hit by all types of drivers. For the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on some ways pedestrians can increase their level of safety when traveling around large trucks as their size and weight can wreak havoc on a pedestrian or biker should they engage in an accident with one.

Now, some of these tips may also apply when sharing the road with other types of vehicles so feel free to apply them when you find it is necessary to do so.


Safety Tips for Bicyclists and Pedestrians Who Share the Road with Large Trucks


  1. Stay out of a truck driver’s blind spots. While all vehicles have blind spots, truckers have much larger ones which make it especially difficult to see bikers and pedestrians. These blind spots, also referred to as “no-zones” are located directly on the sides of the truck closer to the cab, right behind the truck, and directly in front of it. Therefore, if you ever find yourself contemplating whether you should cross the road right in front of a truck driver, if you are standing within 20 feet, it is likely the driver doesn’t see you which means you should probably cross a little farther away.


  1. Be aware of the wide turn’s truckers make. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) says that “if a large vehicle is about to turn right, never walk or ride between the vehicle and the curb.” Because commercial trucks make such wide turns, you might assume you have room to maneuver, however, when they are in the process of completing the turn, that is when you are at risk of getting hit.


  1. Always make yourself visible. If you thought it was risky to ride or walk around passenger vehicles, the risk only heightens when traveling next to a large truck. Therefore, you need to be sure you always obey traffic signals when riding a bike or crossing the roadway and neverassume the truck driver will respect the right of away even if you have it.
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Pedestrians and bicyclists are encouraged to keep their phones away while walking and riding as it only puts you at risk of being hit by an inattentive driver who isn’t looking out for you.

  1. Stay alert and avoid distractions. While it might be tempting to listen to music or catch up on social media while out walking, this is the worst thing you can do. If you aren’t watching out for inattentive drivers because you’re buried in your phone, you put yourself at a greater risk of getting hit.


  1. Never walk or ride while impaired. Just as alcohol can impair your judgment while driving, it can also impair it while walking or riding a bike. You might misjudge how far a car is when you attempt to cross the street or blatantly disregard the traffic signals which increases the chances of you getting struck by a vehicle. Therefore, it is best to refrain from engaging in any type of behavior that could potentially put your life at risk.


[Source: FMCSA].


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