The sheer size of a truck can cause some serious damage if a truck driver ever happens to get into an accident. When smaller passenger vehicles get into an accident the results are generally not that serious due to the smaller amount of impact force. However, larger trucks don’t just have more weight, they also have a tendency to collide with more force and this can lead to life-threatening injuries and irreversible damage.

What should I do to prevent a truck accident in Oklahoma?

Truck accidents can either be the fault of the trucker or the fault of another driver on the road. If a person wants to reduce their chances of getting into a truck accident they should try and follow these tips:

  • Avoid speeding or going too slow, drivers should always follow the speed limit on the road
  • Make sure to have one’s vehicle properly maintained at all times
  • Make sure to have the truck tires properly inflated at all times
  • Make sure to have the cargo loaded appropriately onto the truck so that it does not constantly shift during the ride
  • Always follow all traffic laws and rules
  • Always make sure to check blind spots
  • Always make sure to signal correctly
  • The driver should make sure they are properly rested when driving
  • Always make sure to keep a safe distance from other drivers

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 14% of truck drivers do not wear a seat belt on every trip they make on the road. These same truck drivers were also seen as exhibiting more reckless behaviors such as speeding and failing to comply with all traffic laws appropriately.

Since the consequences of getting into a truck accident are generally very severe, truck drivers should take extra precaution to ensure they are being as safe as possible.

Who should I call if I do end up getting into a truck accident?

A truck driver should call a truck accident lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma the moment they get to a safe location after losing control of their vehicle. A lawyer can aid a person in making the appropriate insurance claims so that they are compensated with the maximum amount of money as is possible for them.

It is necessary for any truck driver to also get in touch with their insurance company after they get into an accident. However, it is in a person’s best interest to contact their insurance company only through their attorney in order to gain the most benefit.

If a driver, other passengers or pedestrians were hurt due to the accident the ambulance and police station should also be contacted immediately. Ensuring one’s safety and good health is the first step which should be taken after a truck accident. If a truck has the potential of exploding because it contains hazardous elements, everyone should get as far away from the accident site as possible and contact the police station, fire station, and ambulance immediately in order to prevent more injuries and possible deaths from occurring.