It is common for truck drivers to lose control and cause massive amounts of property damage if they are not careful on the roads. Business owners are usually most affected by these kinds of accidents, as the losses can be significant, even when no one is injured.

Local law enforcement agencies and the North Carolina Department of Transportation were investigating a truck crash at a construction site to determine if they would file criminal charges.

18 wheeler causes damage to construction zone and roads

The incident occurred on U.S. 74 in Sylva, just west of Asheville. At approximately 7 am that morning, the driver of an 18 wheeler went into a construction zone and broke through one of the barriers on Grindstaff Cove Road. The driver lost control, and the truck eventually hit a median within the site and stopped moving. Miraculously, neither the driver nor anyone in the active work zone appeared to be hurt, but authorities had to keep two lanes on highway 74 closed as the area was cleared for several hours. The truck was carrying a large amount of plastic rocks that were scattered onto the road and around the area.

State troopers said they were still investigating the accident to determine what actions would be taken against the driver, including traffic citations or criminal charges.

Monetary losses due to truck drivers

Trucking accidents routinely cause problems when a business suffers losses due to property damage, damaged job sites, lost work time, injured employees, and other issues. The only way to attempt to recover these losses is to sue the driver and the trucking company who employed the person in civil court. Even if the local police or department of transportation files criminal charges against the driver for their reckless behavior, a civil lawsuit is the only way for victims to be compensated for their losses.

Insurance is also relevant

For companies that have business insurance, it may be helpful to contact both the insurance company and an attorney. Sometimes, the claims process is insufficient to pay for your losses and insurance companies will often do whatever they can to pay out as little as possible to policy holders. Some policies also only cover certain kinds of losses, and the policy holder may be out of luck after a truck collision. Either way, it is best to summarize all applicable losses and keep any documentation related to repairs as evidence. Insurance companies will usually send their own independent adjuster shortly afterward to assess the damage at the scene as well. An attorney can also advocate against an insurance provider on your behalf as well, if they are paying an insufficient amount or trying to withhold funds. It is best to provide an attorney with the details of your business coverage to get specific answers about how they can assist you.

Learn more from a local truck accident attorney in your area

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