Having one’s vehicle hit by a truck often leads to severe damages both to a person’s property and also in the form of physical injuries. Trucks cause so much damage because of how heavy they are and because of how large they are in size.  The drivers of smaller vehicles suffer a lot when a truck collides into them and they are usually left with a huge financial loss whether it is in the form of needing to purchase a new vehicle, medical bills, or missed wages due to not having a ride or because of how intensely they were injured.

Any driver who finds themselves in this situation should reach out to a truck accident lawyer in Providence, RI to help them hold the driver accountable and to get the funds they need in order to pay for their unfortunate losses.

A truck driver can be held liable for negligence. If they broke traffic rules, followed poor driving practices, failed to look before turning, or simply behaved recklessly they can be sued for negligence.

Who else can I hold accountable for the accident?

The thing about truck accidents is that a lot more parties are usually involved in the accident. This is both good and bad. It is bad because it means that the case will probably take a lot longer and it will be more complicated. However, it is also good because it means a person has plenty more chances of walking away with the financial compensation they need to cover all the damages they suffered due to the accident.

Under the legal theory of vicarious liability, drivers can also hold the employer of the driver accountable for the accident even if the employer wasn’t directly involved. In order to do this, it generally only requires that the truck driver be employed during the time in which the accident took place.

Alongside the employer, other parties such as those who loaded the cargo, or even the company who supplied the cargo may be brought into the lawsuit if there is a potential case of negligence from their end. If the truck driver privately owned the truck and was not operating under a specific company then it probably will not be necessary to bring other parties into the lawsuit.

How can I speed up the litigation process?

Naturally, anyone who has gotten into a truck accident will want to get their life back in shape as soon as possible. In order to make sure that the legal process passes as quickly as possible, a person should get in touch with a truck accident lawyer as soon as the accident occurs. They should contact a lawyer even before they get in touch with their insurance company. Getting into a truck accident can really affect the quality of a person’s life for the worst; a person should ensure they take the required steps to push for compensation.