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As you help your spouse recover from the recent truck accident they were involved in, you can also assist them with finding and retaining a Missouri truck crash attorney who will help them recover the compensation they need and deserve.

If your spouse was recently involved in a truck accident in Clayton and is still in the process of recovering, you may be wondering if there is anything you could be doing to assist him or her with recouping compensation for the injuries they suffered. The fact is, most truck accident victims are entitled to compensation for various damages, but it all comes down to the factors that contributed to the collision occurring as well as how it has impacted the victim’s life and livelihood. With that said, there are a few things you can start doing now to help your loved one get the money he or she deserves while they focus on getting better.



During this initial meeting, an attorney will be able to assess whether your spouse has a viable case and provide you with an estimate for what it is worth. When talking with a lawyer, it is important that you find out what damages your spouse is entitled to receive. Damages is another word for “compensation” and this money serves as a form of relief for a victim. Generally, a truck accident victim is able to recover damages when another party was at fault or they were partially responsible for causing the wreck.

You should also find out what a Clayton truck accident attorney charges and whether they work on an hourly basis or they work on contingency. If your spouse plans of taking any sort of legal action, they need to know what it is going to cost them and if their case is even worth pursuing.


  1. Begin gathering evidence that can be used to support your spouse’s case.


Given that your spouse has a viable case, you are going to need to have adequate proof that shows just how impactful the crash was. For example, is your spouse still able to work or did their physician determine they are disabled and can no longer perform the tasks at their current place of employment? If your spouse is no longer bringing in any income as he or she cannot work, he or she needs to be compensated for this. And in the event they were up for a promotion or lost money that would have gone into their 401k or another type of retirement plan, this too should be taken into account.


Some forms of evidence you should begin gathering include:


  • Photos from the accident scene and during their stay in the hospital if any were taken.
  • The names of the people that were involved.
  • Accident reports
  • Witness statements
  • Receipts for medical care rendered
  • Hospital or physician bills
  • Receipts for property damage that was repaired or estimates explaining how much your repairs are going to cost you if you haven’t had any performed.


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Although your lawyer, given you choose to hire one, is going to do most of the work for you and your spouse, it cannot hurt to begin gathering some of the things listed above so that you have them handy for your legal representative. Now, if you would like to schedule your initial consultation with a truck accident attorney near Clayton, MO area, call KRUSE Law today.


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