Getting into a truck accident can lead to some serious bodily damage and also lead to serious damage to property as well. Accidents involving semi-trucks, in particular, are extremely dangerous because of their sheer weight and size. The average 18-wheeler weighs up to 80,000 pounds. Naturally, when a vehicle of this size and weight ends up colliding with smaller vehicles the results can be devastating. The results can be even more devastating when many vehicles of such a large size end up colliding with each other.

What can I get compensated for after my truck accident?

In the city of Marietta, a person who finds themselves in a truck accident can get compensated for a variety of different factors. Most commonly, they can get compensated for their medical bills and other finances to help them recover from their injuries.

Individuals who have gotten into a truck accident can also be compensated for:

  • Missed wages due to injuries incurred by the accident
  • Drugs for recovering from the accident
  • Therapy, tests and doctors appointments for the injuries suffered during the accident
  • Replacing or repairing their vehicle

How much compensation a person earns generally depends on how much they were at fault regarding the accident. A truck accident lawyer can help a person figure out how much they were at fault and what steps they need to pursue in order to get compensated.

How can a truck accident lawyer help me?

Truck accident lawyers are very familiar with the laws and legalities concerning truck accidents in Marietta, GA. They can help a person figure out what negligence system their city follows with regards to vehicle accidents. According to the negligence system put in place by the law, a lawyer can proceed forward collecting evidence and providing documentation in order to prove that they were not entirely at fault for causing the accident.

A truck accident attorney can also help a person understand how to make insurance claims in order to get back the maximum amount of compensation possible. Anyone who has had their car hit by a truck or even if they were the truck driver themselves can call an educated attorney to figure out what their liabilities are and how they can get help for the losses they suffered.

What if my insurance company has already offered me compensation?

Generally, if an insurance company offers a driver compensation it will not be enough to pay for all of the bills. Even if a person has mistakenly accepted the lower offer and they realize that it is not enough, later on, they can still contact a qualified attorney in Marietta, GA in order to fight for more compensation. The important thing is to put together a case with appropriate evidence and documentation in order to show the insurance company how badly you need the money. A lawyer can help a person put the case together and push the insurance company to offer more funds as required.