Like many other cities, Maitland Florida has its share of highways, traffic, and large vehicles that transport materials on the local roads. As part of the Orlando metro area, congestion from the main part of the city can also reach Maitland’s borders. In some instances, large trucks collide with other vehicles or barriers causing serious injuries and property damage. These accidents often produce devastating problems for drivers and passengers in nearby cars.

Severe truck crash on West Maitland Boulevard

An incident on West Maitland Boulevard over Interstate 4 shows how disastrous truck accidents can be.

A dump truck was seen colliding with several other cars and the guard rail. One SUV was actually hanging off of the side of the overpass as a result of the accident, while the Maitland Fire Department treated four people with injuries at the scene.

When first reported to the local news, the initial cause of the accident was still unknown. Traffic was affected, as all eastbound lanes on West Maitland Boulevard had to be closed for over two hours. The Florida Department of Transportation also reported that there was some damage to the guard rail that was hit by the dump truck.

Helping your lawyer put together a claim

There are a number of pieces of evidence that will be related to a truck accident. It is important to contact your insurance company after the accident and notify them. They will usually send an adjuster to look at the damage to your vehicle. There will also be medical records from the hospital and doctor’s visits related to an injuries sustained as a result of the accident. You may receive money through worker’s compensation if time is missed from work due to the incident. Your lawyer can also subpoena the trucking company for records related to the specific vehicle and driver that collided with you.

All of these pieces of evidence are used by a lawyer to create a negligence case against the truck driver and the company they work for. A negligence case essentially states that the driver breached his duty of care on the roads and caused damage to others. This is usually done by showing actions like speeding, improper lane changes, impairment from drugs or alcohol, driving longer hours than allowed by law, or company records that indicate a history of problems with the same driver. All of this information can help a lawyer make a strong case when analyzed for factors regarding the fault of the trucker. The attorney will try to show a breach of the relevant duty of care by the driver. If this is shown along with the fact that the driver caused an accident, money can then be awarded based on damages.

Damages can be complex to figure out entirely, but your lawyer will probably only need to know about your injuries to make a strong case. Most damages will be quantified based on how badly you were hurt and missed time from work. There are also less concrete ways of arguing for more money based on the pain and suffering that was caused by the accident. An experienced truck accident lawyer knows how these legal doctrines can be used to ask for large sums of money.

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