Most, if not all commercial truck drivers travel with a dash cam in their cab and if they don’t, they should consider installing one. The reason being is that these cameras have the capability of catching everything that goes on from the moment they start their trip to the second before they end it. Now, you might be wondering why it is important to capture a truck driver traveling for hours and hours on end on what seems like a never-ending road. Well, the truth is, dash cams not only record the journey truckers make each and every day, but they also catch when an unexpected accident arises.


Here’s an example provided on behalf of Smart Trucking that explains just how important it is for a truck driver to have a dash cam installed in their vehicle and turned on at all times.


A truck driver had been traveling through British Columbia in his new Peterbilt like he would on any other day. The source says that traffic wasn’t heavy at the time and it seemed to be moving at a steady pace. But while the trucker thought this day was like any other, it wasn’t. You see, as the trucker was operating his vehicle, a tire from a vehicle that was traveling on the other side of the highway came loose and flew across the median onto his side of the roadway. The trucker attempted to move over to the right after seeing the tire headed in his direction, but he wasn’t able to move in time.

As a result, his truck sustained nearly $10,000 worth of damage, but fortunately, he caught the entire incident on his dash cam. The officers who responded to the accident were able to track down the vehicle of which the tire came off of, which happened to be a camper trailer, and the trucker was not held liable for the damage his vehicle sustained. Thankfully, he had the dash cam that “was able to substantiate [his] story.”

Now, suppose this accident was much more severe and other vehicles were involved. Let’s imagine that the trucker crashed into another vehicle as he attempted to dodge the flying tire which then resulted in that driver suffering injuries. While the driver of the passenger vehicle might assume that the trucker was just being negligent, with the dash cam footage, he/she would be able to prove that they were simply trying to avoid an accident themselves. This footage would then potentially get the trucker off the hook for having to compensate the injured driver for the damages they incurred.


Truck Drivers Aren’t Always the Liable Party in a Collision


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While many are quick to blame truckers for being negligent and careless while operating these large vehicles, the truth is, truck drivers aren’t always the one to blame when a collision occurs. In fact, many crashes transpire as a result of other drivers who aren’t operating their vehicles cautiously when traveling around these large trucks. And that is why it is essential for a trucker to have a dash cam inside of their cab always recording so that they are able to capture these moments when another driver causes a collision and they must prove they are innocent.

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