The sheer size of many trucks that are commonly used to transport materials can be problematic. Their dimensions and weight tend to cause accidents will often affect several vehicles. This is especially true when a truck crashes on a highway with lots of traffic nearby. It is important to speak with a lawyer who is an expert in truck accident cases after this kind of a large scale incident. The process of dealing with multiple drivers and insurance companies should only be entrusted to the best available lawyer, who has lots of relevant experience.

A dump truck caused a pileup and fire involving ten other vehicles in Santa Rosa

A crash that occurred near the intersection of Highway 101 and Old Redwood Highway in Santa Rosa, California claimed ten other vehicles in addition to a dump truck. The Santa Rosa Police released a statement that two people involved suffered serious injuries, one had moderate injuries, and three others were treated for minor injuries. No deaths were reported, but six of the vehicles involved were totally burned in a fire started by the collision, while four other cars sustained various kinds of damage.

A witness believes the truck was traveling about 65 to 75 miles per hour when the crash occurred. After seeing the crash, he called for help and began to pull people out of the burning cars.

A number of other roads in the area were closed after the incident due to the damage and debris. The police did not release any further details as to who was at fault for the accident or if any citations will be issued based on the speed of the truck or actions of any of the drivers involved.

Lawsuits from multiple parties

Accidents involving several vehicles can become complex forms of litigation for lawyers. There are usually multiple plaintiffs suing other drivers, as well as insurance companies that may get involved to cover the costs of repairs and injuries. The company that owns the dump truck will also probably be named as a defendant in all of the lawsuits that are filed if the driver was working when the collision occurred.

In an incident such as this involving multiple vehicles, along with healthcare costs for treatment for several different people, the amount of money that changes hands will be quite large.

Negligence Issues

California, like most other states, has adopted negligence laws that can divide fault between all of the parties involved. California uses a pure comparative negligence standard that will divide the damages awarded to all parties to equal one hundred percent, without any restrictions on who can collect.

In a situation that involves eleven vehicles, this starts to become difficult to sort out. However, it is extremely importantly to be aware of each vehicle’s precise level of fault, as this can create large differences in the amount of damages paid out. For example, a driver who is determined to be mostly at fault for the accident will probably not be able to receive much compensation, where a driver who did not commit any errors that led to the accident may be able to receive a very large settlement or judgment.

An injury lawyer can handle your truck accident case

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