Some truck accidents involve a number of different parties that each have their own right to sue. One accident in Brooklyn, New York involved other vehicles, pedestrians, and property damage.

A truck in the Bath Beach area of Brooklyn struck multiple pedestrians and caused property damage before coming to a stop.

Box truck hits pedestrians and restaurant 

At approximately 2 pm near the intersection of 86th Street and Bay 34th Street the large box truck initially hit a Malaysian Restaurant and then a van nearby. A man was injured on the sidewalk from this first crash. The truck driver then backed up and hit another woman and a subway pillar. The man injured in the first impact was in critical condition, while the female pedestrian was also taken to the local hospital. The restaurant sustained damage to its front glass window and the entrance area. A summary of the damage to the van was not disclosed.

The driver was taken into police custody while the accident was being investigated and it seems like he may be charged criminally.

Can everyone involved sue the driver?

The truck driver will probably be sued in a civil case for damages from several parties including the injured pedestrians, the restaurant owner, the van’s driver, and the city or government agency that needs to repair the subway pole. Whether he is ultimately charged criminally or not will not have an effect on the ability of these parties to sue. He can be held responsible through the civil courts regardless of how the criminal justice system deals with him.

Each party will have to get their own accident lawyer and file a claim based on their specific injuries or property damage. If the driver was working while the damage occurred, his employer or their insurance policy will likely be the one to actually pay out the damages. All of the cases will make similar claims which argue that the driver’s improper actions led to various kinds of injuries. This is the standard format of a negligence action.

What is the value of each case? 

Each lawyer along with their plaintiff will probably utilize their own personal strategy to maximize the amount that they can collect. There can be great differences in the level of expense involved in making some repairs to a car versus intensive medical treatment that may require hospitalization and long term care. Damages are calculated by adding up the total of all of the problems caused to each plaintiff by this specific incident, as well as any non-economic harm that may have been caused to a person, which is called pain and suffering.

To learn more about the specifics of how you can sue a driver or the value of your case, it is important to speak with an experienced truck accident attorney.

Get an attorney to take your case

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