Drivers of all types are always encouraged to operate their vehicles through work zones with extreme caution as there is generally a lot of movement happening in these areas. Between trucks maneuvering in and out of the site to transport materials, to workers on foot trying to get their tasks accomplished, there is no doubt that drivers need to increase their level of awareness when traveling in a work zone to prevent from causing an accident. Unfortunately, work zones have become a target for fatal accidents as more than 700 fatalities are reported in these areas each year, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

With approximately 70 work zone crashes being recorded each day in the U.S. that result in injuries coupled with the number of people losing their lives in work zone accidents, it is important that drivers, particularly those who operate large commercial trucks, follow the safety tips we are sharing below in an effort to keep themselves safe as well as those who are working at or nearby to these construction sites. The fact is, truck drivers have “limited maneuverability” and “large blind spots” which makes “operating in these areas more challenging for them.” That is why truck drivers need to be especially careful when they approach a work zone and as they are driving through it.


Work Zone Safety Tips for Drivers of Large Commercial Trucks


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Work zone accidents are preventable, however, drivers must remain vigilant and alert when traveling through these areas to avoid engaging in a crash.

Below are some tips the FMCSA suggests you follow if you want to reduce your chances of engaging in an accident in a work zone.


  1. The FMCSA recommends that before you set out on your route, you research it first. In the event you find that road work is being done in areas you are expected to travel through, either avoid it and take a detour or be aware and alert as you approach it.


  1. When driving through a work zone, be sure your attention is heightened as there may be signs that indicate the speed limit has been reduced or there may be an alternate road you have to take. It is important that you neverlet anything distract you while driving through a work zone or any other area for that matter as the few seconds you take to glance at your phone or to reach in the back of your cab could be the moment the lane merges and you risk not having ample time to maneuver.


  1. Travel at a slow rate of speed. The FMCSA states that “lane closures, traffic pattern shifts, and reduced speeds are common in work zones” so be sure you are operating a slow speed which gives you time to move in the event you need to.


  1. If there is a lane closure and you are required to move into an open lane, start making the turn early on and look out for any vehicles that might be traveling in your blind spots.


  1. Always keep a safe traveling distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Unfortunately, rear-end accidents are among some of the most common types of wrecks that occur in work zones so rather be safe than sorry, it is best you leave additional space between the car in front of you at all times to reduce your chances of hitting it.


Involved in an accident in a work zone in Asheville, NC?


As we mentioned above, work zone accidents are common occurrences and happen each and every day. And if you are the unfortunate victim of a truck collision that transpired in a work zone, you are encouraged to consult with an Asheville, NC truck accident lawyer who can help you better understand your rights. One of your rights as a victim is that you are permitted to take legal action against the party who caused the collision and, in this case, it might be several which is why it is best to speak with a lawyer following the crash.

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