While truck accidents can cause significant problems for other drivers on the road and damage to their vehicles, there are also times where the cargo that the truck is carrying is destroyed or lost due to an accident. There are remedies available when these losses occur.

A truck rolled over and crashed just east of Los Angeles. The cargo was damaged and left strewn on the road.

Truck spills a large quantity of beer just outside of Los Angeles

A large rig went off of the side of an exit ramp and flipped over in West Corvina. The driver had apparently hit his brakes and veered to the side near the Westbound 10 Freeway overpass to avoid coming into contact with other cars that were already stopped in front of him. The cargo, a large quantity of cans of Model Especial beer, was seen crushed and scattered all over the road. The 25 year old male driver tumbled down an embankment while in the truck, but he was not seriously injured and avoided making contact with any other cars.

Officers from the California Highway Patrol on the scene said that no one was arrested for driving under the influence or any other alcohol related offenses after the crash, even though alcohol was spilled all over the road. The exit ramp at the scene was closed for several hours, but was able to reopen by the middle of the same day.

Paying for losses

Aside from damage to individuals or property, truck accidents will also sometimes cause businesses to experience losses related to cargo. Depending on the type of goods that were being shipped, these losses can be significant. Some businesses may have insurance to cover the cost of the goods, but a lawsuit against the person or trucking company who is responsible is usually the way to receive the largest amount of compensation for all of the damages caused by the accident.

As a general rule, a person or business can make the truck driver at fault or their employer pay through civil lawsuit. This happens in both cases involving injuries to people as well as various forms of property damage that require repairs. While the losses in the story above may sound trivial, there are many truck accidents that cause catastrophic injuries or extensive property damage. The damages tied to those kinds of incidents can run into the thousands or millions of dollars, especially if a victim requires long term medical treatment.

How are these losses calculated?

Usually the monetary value of the amount of goods or cargo lost can be estimated based on the potential revenue that the business could expect if their damaged products had been sold. In cases involving injuries, things like medical treatment along with time spent away from work are factors that help determine economic damages.

Talk to a truck accident expert

If you have experienced any kind of losses or injuries due to a truck accident in the Los Angeles area, there are local attorneys available to help. They can speak with you about the specifics of your personal situation and provide appropriate legal guidance.