Some truck accidents are dangerous not because of the crash itself, but because the truck is carrying some kind of dangerous or hazardous cargo. The Los Angeles Fire Department had to respond to an overturned tanker on 5 Freeway northbound.

Diesel fuel spills out of tanker onto the freeway

In the area near Griffin Park and Glendale Boulevard, a crash was reported that resulted in a large fuel spill. The 5 Freeway north lanes were all totally closed off for a number of hours into the late afternoon. The traffic jam was exceptionally bad because the Dodgers baseball stadium is in the area.

The tanker was apparently carrying thousands of gallons of diesel fuel, which required special hazard crews to respond and clean the roads in the area. The tanker was able to hold up to 9,000 gallons, but it was believed to not be at full capacity when the accident happened.

Local investigators from the LAPD and LAFD did not have an exact cause of the single car accident and had no immediate reports of injuries.

Who will be held responsible?

After this kind of incident, the driver, cleanup crews, or anyone else who suffered a specific harm related to the crash may have grounds for a lawsuit. The driver can possibly file workers compensation claims or a lawsuit against his employer because he was hurt while carrying out his job duties.

Even the cleanup crews may experience health problems or injuries related to the large amount of hazardous material spilled on the freeway. Because the company that owns the tanker is responsible for these materials and any problems they cause, they may also be sued if the cleanup workers suffer any injuries.

What duties are the responsibility of the company who owns the truck?

There may be factual issues about whether the company responsible for the tanker had taken all necessary precautions to secure the fuel and avoid spills such as this. Businesses do have a general duty to exercise reasonable care to make sure that their equipment and products are safe for intended use by workers and the general public.

When a business does not meet these standards and breaches their duty of care, this becomes the first element of a negligence lawsuit. After that, an accident attorney only needs to prove that the lack of care caused some kind of injury or harm to other people. Most lawsuits after car or truck accidents, defective products, or injuries on the premises of a business follow this same format. A lawyer will also ask for an amount of money that covers these damages, in order to make sure victims are paid for their inconveniences and expenses. Your attorney can provide more specifics about how negligence cases work under California law.

Speak with an attorney in southern California about your injuries

For personal advice after any accident involving a truck in the Los Angeles area, contact a local attorney who specializes in these kinds of cases. You lawyer will provide more information based on the facts surrounding your accident.