Large trucks do occasionally cause extensive property damage when their drivers make mistakes. Most of these accidents will result in structural damage and other problems which cost a lot of money to fix. A property owner can experience other losses related to this initial accident at a later time. 

Police in Oklahoma City were perplexed when they tried to find out exactly how a truck ended up crashing through a building.

Unexplained truck accident in the middle of Oklahoma City

A man walked into an OnCue gas station and convenience store in the area around 23rd St. and North Santa Fe Ave in the middle of the night saying he was run off of the road. Later, he was treated for minor injuries. A couple of hours after that, the police found his truck resting against a fence near the wreck site on 31st Street’s intersection with Santa Fe Ave. The truck appeared to have plowed through a building before making contact with the fence and coming to a stop.

At the time of the report police had no information about the cause of the accident or any other details about the moments leading up to the crash. They will continue to investigate the accident further. 

What remedies are available to the owner of the building? 

Because trucks are more difficult to control than most other vehicles, small errors do sometimes cause them to crash into buildings and other structures, causing severe damage and motor vehicle accidents on the roads. After this happens, the property owner may have insurance available, but they may also be able to get relief through the legal system, especially if their insurance does not cover this type of accident.  

When any kind of a trucking accident happens, the main remedy available to the owner of the property is to file a negligence lawsuit against the truck driver. This essentially means that the driver was not careful enough and caused injuries or various other kinds of damage. In cases where other drivers or pedestrians are hurt rather than property damage, the same type of lawsuit is often used. 

How is the value of the lawsuit calculated?

In most civil cases related to property damage or personal injuries, the plaintiff can ask for an amount of money needed to make repairs or cover medical bills for injuries. There are also other forms of damages related to things like lost business, missed time from work, and any other missing revenue that can be attributed to the accident and its immediate effects on the business. Cases that involve severe property damage or injuries can also ask for non-economic damages related to the emotional and psychological trauma caused by the incident, which is commonly called pain and suffering.  

Lawyers can help you with filing a lawsuit

For more information about getting help after a truck accident, contact an expert lawyer in the Oklahoma City area. They can have a conversation with you about the local laws and how you may be able to receive compensation for your property damage or injuries.