From underride truck accidents that occur when passenger vehicles ride under the back trailer of a truck, to jackknife accidents that occur when the trailer of the truck swings around at a 90-degree angle, all types of truck accidents cause massive damage to all those involved.

Anyone involved in a truck accident needs to take the right legal steps to make sure they are properly compensated for their losses. Most truck collisions happen due to the negligence of one party. It could be the truck driver, the truck owner, the trucking company, or any similar party that caused the accident, and the only way to be sure is to ascertain a thorough truck accident investigation is carried out.

A truck accident investigation is best carried out by a legal representative who has experience in dealing with such cases. Not only can they help you with the investigation but a good attorney can also analyze the truck accident and help a person identify all the parties who are at-fault for the collision based on the advice of reconstruction experts and all the evidence they find.  They can also help a person get proper medical treatment and most importantly, they can answer a person’s legal questions and guide them through the legal procedure until they get the compensation they need to cover all their sudden expenses.

In some cases, a simple investigation will not be enough, and a person may be required to file an injury lawsuit to help them cover their damages. An attorney who is qualified and has experience dealing with truck accident cases can easily guide a person through this process as well so a person does not have to worry about anything except focusing on recovering from the trauma they just endured.

Will an attorney help communicate with the insurance company after a truck accident in Charleston, SC?


One of the greatest advantages of hiring a truck accident lawyer is that they can negotiate aggressively with one’s insurance company until a fair settlement amount is decided on. If a person communicated with the insurer on their own, then there are high chances they won’t get the reimbursement they need to pay for all the losses they suffered.

If the insurer fails to comply and a settlement amount can’t be reached, then an attorney can seek justice through the court

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