As shocked as you may be to learn that the trucker who caused you to engage in an accident is trying to hold you liable for the wreck, the reality is, this happens more often than you might think. Truck drivers have not only been recognized in the past for running drivers off the road but also merging into their lane and causing a collision. While it is the truck driver’s actions that caused the crash, many often don’t want to take the blame and will turn around and accuse the other driver for causing it to transpire.


So, what happens if a trucker is blaming you for an accident they caused?


There are a number of things that can happen. For example, let’s say the truck driver merged into your lane without showing any regard for your vehicle and swiped the side of it. As a result of the impact, your vehicle sustained damaged and you suffered injuries. When the police arrived, the driver, who was clearly responsible for the accident, told the officer that you merged into their lane rather than them merging into yours. This is the statement the driver provided the responding police officer with and likely the same statement he/she will provide their insurer with.

Now, because you are probably going to want to file a claim with the trucker’s insurer (or their employer’s), you might run into some issues with getting your claim paid. The fact is, the insurer isn’t looking out for your best interest but the best interest of their policyholder (i.e. the truck driver). And if the insurer has been informed by the insured that you caused the accident and not the operator of the truck, then the company might be hesitant to pay your claim which could delay in you getting the money you need right now.


So, how does a truck accident victim handle this type of situation?


You can either contact your insurer and file a claim under your own policy or you can hire a Houston, TX truck accident attorney who can take over the matter and fight for the compensation you are entitled to collect.


Filing a Claim Under Your Own Insurance Policy


If you decide to file a claim with your insurer so that you are able to utilize your benefits, you could see an increase in your insurance rates and may have to satisfy a deductible before your insurer will provide you with any coverage. Now, although your carrier may pay for some or all of your damages depending on the limits you purchased, the company can go after the other driver’s insurer to recoup the money they paid you if the trucker is found to be liable for the accident.


Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer in Houston, TX to Handle Your Case


If you do not wish to file a claim under your own policy but are finding that the trucker’s insurer isn’t processing your claim or answering your phone calls, then your best bet would be to contact Blizzard Law, PLLC to speak with a Houston, TX truck accident attorney. An attorney can take over your case and handle all matters that involve the insurer. Generally, when a lawyer is brought on board, the insurer is more likely to comply and process your claim. In the event the insurer denies your claim or tries to undervalue it, the lawyers at Blizzard Law, PLLC will take the required course of action that will get you one step closer to receiving the money you are entitled to.


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