While truck drivers are working and transporting large amounts of material using their vehicles, accidents regularly occur. These crashes cause damage to drivers and vehicles nearby.

The truck drivers themselves may also be injured or killed due to the dangerous nature of their job. When this happens, the victim or their family can file a civil lawsuit against the employer or other parties who were involved.

Houston police are investigating a deadly truck accident on Interstate 45

Shortly after 9 am, the truck driver was going northbound on Interstate 45 near Edgebrook Drive just southeast of Houston. At some point afterward, he drove across a grass covered median from a feeder road and went back into the main traffic lanes. He then cut across several lanes of traffic and crashed into a red pickup truck. The box truck partially flipped during the impact, coming to a rest on its side. It is possible that the driver of the large box truck may have had some kind of medical emergency that caused him to lose control of the vehicle.

When medical personnel arrived on the scene, they started to attempt to pull the driver of the box truck out of the wreckage. However, during their rescue attempt, they realized that the man had already died.

Police continued to keep the section of the road near the accident closed for about three hours until approximately 12:30 pm. The identity of the drivers involved was not released, and it is unknown whether any citations will be issued.

The law and truck accidents

All truck accidents can be handled by lawyers who specialize in a broad area of all called tort law. Essentially all personal injury cases are a part of tort law, which attempts to put those harmed by civil infractions in the place they would have been if not for the fault of the defendant.

Almost all car accident and personal injury cases are actually negligence cases. This means that another person or driver breached the relevant standard of care on the roads, causing harm to others. An important element of all negligence cases is to determine the plaintiff’s damages, which is the legal term for the money they should be paid for their injuries and related expenses.

In the news story above, the driver of the red pickup truck may file a negligence case against the box truck driver and the company he worked for. This is because the employer is also liable for the actions of their employees during normal job duties such as driving.

A wrongful death action against the employer

If the truck driver was working when he died, it may be possible for the family to file a lawsuit against his employer. Wrongful death cases have similar rules to negligence lawsuits, but certain family members are allowed to stand in the place of the victim and collect money for the family’s losses such as funeral costs and the deceased person’s future lost wages.

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