Houston, TX- The overwhelming majority of goods in the U.S. are transported by 18-wheelers and other large commercial trucks. Large trucks have a dominant presence on the many highways and roadways that run throughout Texas and accident involving these big rigs can be twice as deadly as passenger vehicle accidents, and can often result in catastrophic injuries.

If you have suffered catastrophic injuries or lost one as a result of a Houston truck accident, you should immediately contact the truck accident attorneys at Darren Miller & Associates. They will gladly set up a free consultation to discuss your accident and determine which parties and parties are liable for your injuries.

The first thing the personal injury attorneys at Darren Miller & Associates will do for your case is to determine the cause of your accident. This is the key to pinpointing which parties will have to bear the responsibility and costs of your accident.

Driver error is one of the leading causes of truck accidents nationwide. According to Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration, the most common cause of driver error accidents is intoxicated driving, accounting for 44 percent of these types of accidents.

There are strict laws forbidding truck drivers from getting behind the wheel when they have been using drugs and alcohol on the job, but that doesn’t necessarily keep unfit drivers off the road. Speeding and fatigued driving are also common causes of truck accidents, 23 percent and 18 percent respectively.

Mechanical failure is frequently cited in fatal and injurious accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration estimates that 55 percent of trucks involved in accidents that resulted in injuries had at least one mechanical issue. Even a great truck driver with an excellent safety record cannot prevent an accident if their brakes fail or they have other mechanical issues.

When seeking compensation for a truck accident caused by driver error or mechanical failure, your Houston truck accident attorneys will pursue the negligent driver and will work to determine if the trucking company the driver works for is also partially responsible for your injuries or a wrongful death.

By conducting a thorough investigation, the attorneys at Darren Miller & Associates will be able to determine if a trucking company is also responsible for your injuries. Once they are able to determine which parties are accountable for your injuries or lost loved one, your Houston truck accident attorney will be able to maximize your settlement either through negotiations or a court trial. They are willing to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure your injury claim is successful.

The personal injury attorneys at Darren Miller & Associates are aware of the costs of your accident and won’t rest on your case until they secure a settlement that covers your short and long-term medical costs, loss of wages and emotional distress. As injury victim advocates they will make certain your rights are respected and you are generously compensated. Call their Houston office at 1-855-776-5299 to set up your free consultation.