There are dangers on the roads in Encinitas just like every other place in the USA. The most serious sources of possible damage on the roads are the large trucks that are needed to transport materials across the nation’s highways. This is because accidents involving trucks and passenger vehicles or pedestrians are often fatal or cause permanent injuries.

A recent local incident shows the horrors of truck accidents. The collision resulted in a prominent cyclist getting seriously hurt.

Bicycle activist in critical condition

A well known community leader and safety advocate was struck by a truck while riding her bicycle in Encinitas and sustained life changing injuries. Roberta Walker was riding her bicycle on North Coast Highway 101 near Phoebe Street at approximately 6 am when the accident occurred. When she arrived at the hospital, Walker was in critical condition. There was damage to her brain, spine, and multiple broken bones. The San Diego Sheriff’s Office did not believe that either the truck driver or the cyclist had been using drugs or alcohol before the incident.

In a strange twist of fate, the area where the Walker was struck was supposed to be part of an upcoming project that she personally supported to add bike lanes and sidewalks to North Coast Highway 101.

The gravity of these injuries and being compensated accordingly

In a situation such as this, it is probable that the victim will never be able to ride a bicycle again or even lead a normal life that consists of regular employment and personal independence. Severe brain and spine injuries usually cause permanent disabilities.

In these cases involving truck accidents, a lawyer can file a claim against the trucking company and the driver to pay for the related injuries. In California, if medical proof of a permanent injury is established, it may be the responsibility of the defendant and their insurance provider to pay for treatment and care indefinitely. Sometimes, an independent medical exam may be required to provide evidence as to the extent of the injuries.

Aside from medical expenses and care, there is also economic harm caused by the fact that an injured plaintiff may never be able to work again. The person’s specific occupation, salary history, and other relevant factors regarding their ability to earn money and provide services to their community can be considered by the court. In some cases, a defendant may have to essentially pay the wages the plaintiff could have earned from the day of the accident until retirement if they are no longer able to work.

There is also another kind of payment to the victim that may be relevant. An astute lawyer can use this kind of publicized situation regarding a well-known member of the local community to make significant claims for pain and suffering, which are non-economic damages. The fact that the victim is a prominent cyclist who will probably have to give up on her life’s work or change her daily activities entirely will cause her severe emotional trauma. If the injuries are permanent, the trauma and associated memories will likely never go away.

In cases involving high levels of pain and suffering, the amount that needs to be paid out to a plaintiff for psychological treatment and dealing with continued stress may be significant.

Get special care from a local attorney

If you have been injured by a truck in Encinitas California or surrounding areas, please contact Jeffrey E. Estes and Associates. They are experienced in investigating any kind of improper operations or deviance from relevant driving procedures by truckers. Any information related to a trucker’s negligence will help you collect a monetary judgment or reach a settlement.