Speed can make it difficult for a truck to stop and will make the impact of a crash extremely damaging.

Georgetown, DE- Commercial truck accidents can have several different causes including mechanical failure and inclement weather, but like auto accidents, driver error is the most common cause. Driver error covers a range of risky behaviors. However, speeding is very common and can have devastating consequences.

According to the latest Large Truck Crash Causation Study, conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, nearly one out four fatal commercial truck crashes in the U.S. are caused by speeding drivers. Many motorists in Georgetown speed, but a speeding commercial truck is much more dangerous and can cause a lot more damage than an automobile.

Speed is hazardous in any vehicle but in a semi, tanker or other large truck, speed can set a catastrophic collision in motion. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that it takes up to 250 feet for a large truck to come to a stop if it is traveling a minimum of 60 mph. Not only can excessive speed can make it difficult for a truck to stop, it can also cause a driver to lose control. A fast-moving commercial vehicle will cause extensive damage to person and property if an accident occurs.

A speeding truck is more likely to jackknife and overturn.

Truck drivers who speed are typically overconfident, often thinking their skills will prevent them from being in an accident. Far too many drivers think they are the exception to the rule, but it takes mere seconds for conditions on the road to change. If conditions change rapidly, speeding will make it harder from a driver to stop if traffic comes to a sudden stop or make it impossible for them to avoid a collision.

When speed is a factor in a commercial truck crash, that accident is more likely to be deadly or leave survivors with catastrophic injuries. Truck accident victims who survive face exorbitant medical bills and a long road to recovery. If you are the victim of a speeding truck driver, USAttorneys suggests you speak with a truck accident lawyer near your Georgetown location and set up a case evaluation. You will learn if you are eligible for compensation and what course of action you need to pursue to get the best outcome.

As soon after your accident as you are able, contact one of our knowledgeable and persistent truck accident lawyers in Delaware. They will dedicate their time and expertise on your claim, so you recover the settlement you need and deserve. Our team of injury lawyers in Georgetown understand how to build a claim that results in an optimal settlement. Allow USAttorneys to connect you with an experienced attorney today, they’ll do the hard work and leave you free to focus on your recovery.

You can be certain to get the compensation you deserve if you have legal counsel negotiating on your behalf.