Like any accident, a truck collision generally involves the driver the of truck, another vehicle, a pedestrian, bicyclist, or a motorcyclist. And depending on the size of the truck, there is a good chance that several people were involved in the accident if it is a semi-truck or one transporting cargo. So what are you to do if you have recently been involved in one of these accidents? Do you report it to your insurer and wait for them to provide you with a settlement? What if they accuse you of causing the crash and aren’t compensating you for the pain, suffering, and time out of work?

Accidents involving large trucks are known to leave victims severely injured. While some are able to recover, others suffer for extended periods of time.

Well, the first step you want to take is to hire a trustworthy truck accident lawyer in Long Island. You need someone who is working from your side of the case, understands all the laws surrounding vehicular accident claims, and won’t stop at nothing until you are provided with the compensation that you deserve. will help you find a local truck crash lawyer in the state of New York to represent you.

Don’t Feel Intimidated by Obtaining Legal Aid

There are many benefits that come along with hiring an attorney who specializes in truck accidents. Many people feel hiring a lawyer is a much larger step than they need to take but in reality, it is the most beneficial one. Below are some of the areas in which your injury attorney will help you and ultimately get you the maximum amount you are deserving of.

They will help determine who is at fault. Of course you probably have a police report and your insurance company is pointing the finger at the guilty individual, however, when it comes to truck accidents, others may be held accountable as well. Have you considered the company the trucker works for? What about a contracting company who may have hired the driver for this particular job? While you may be entitled to receive money from the insurance company, you may also be able to receive compensation from the company the trucker works for as well.

Your NY Accident Attorney Will Determine the Best Form of Action to Take

Before you jump the gun and say you want to sue the company, you need to take into consideration:

  • The pain and suffering you have endured.
  • The time you have spent out of work along with the loss of wages.
  • The medical expenses that have accrued as a result of the accident.

Your legal representative will discuss with you whether or not a lawsuit needs to be filed or if they feel they can get you what your damages are worth through negotiating. Either way, if you are an injury victim, you are going to want legal aid on your side guiding you each and every step of the way.