Here are reasons why a trucking company may have to pay significant amounts after an accident in Portland

Portland, OR – It is a well known fact that commercial vehicle accidents tend to be much more costly than those involving standard cars. This is mostly due to the much larger size of the vehicles and the fact that truckers tend to spend many hours on highways where large amounts of damage can occur. It is common for a semi truck collision to cost several hundred thousand dollars or more if there are fatalities or hazardous materials involved. When a person who was involved in the crash needs to pay for their losses, they will get legal advice from Portland truck accident lawyers and bring a lawsuit for these types of compensation. 

Medical bills and healthcare costs

Medical treatment of any kind has become quite expensive everywhere in the United States. After an accident happens, the victims can list their medical costs as part of economic damages, and then try to make the trucking company that caused the collision pay for these. If the person requires special treatment or assistance to recover, or their injuries are long term, these additional costs can be factored into economic damages as well and projected into the future if necessary.  

Property damage

Large eighteen wheeler semi trucks and other similar big commercial vehicles will cause serious amounts of property damage during a crash. This is especially true if the accident happened at a high speed on a roadway where lots of other cars and traffic were present. Various parties who are involved may make insurance claims or file lawsuits to have the driver at fault pay for all of these repairs. 

Lost income

People who sustain injuries that prevent them from working can also add these costs to their demand for damages in a civil lawsuit. This means that not only the time spent recovering may be compensated, but that the victim can also argue that the trucking company should pay for any long term effects on their earning potential caused by their injuries. 

Pain and suffering

While medical treatment has a specific cost attached to it, attorneys for victims can also argue for non-economic damages related to physical pain and various other less tangible problems caused by their injuries. The amount tends to reflect the serious nature of the injuries caused by the truck crash, but Portland accident lawyers have discretion to ask a jury or during settlement negotiations for the amount of non-economic damages that they feel is appropriate based on quality of life losses. 

Help is available after a truck collision in Portland

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