A common incident that personal injury lawyers have to deal with is the aftermath of a truck accident. Many times, drivers are trying to get to their destinations as quickly as possible and spend long hours on the road. This can cause them to injure others or cause severe traffic delays and property damage. The legal remedy available to victims is to file a civil lawsuit with the help of a lawyer and make the business owner and trucker pay for damages.

A truck driver in Henrico got in trouble with the law for causing an accident and delays due to an unsecured load.

I-64 in Henrico County needs to be cleared after tons of marble fall on the road

The incident began when the driver of the semi trailer was braking for a slowing vehicle in front of him on Interstate 64 westbound. The Virginia State Police believe that around 9:44 am at mile marker 198 the straps securing a large marble slab began to come loose. Shortly afterward, the load shifted and several thousand pounds of marble slab made contact with the highway. Part of the truck was damaged when the load fell out, but no other injuries were reported in the area.

The driver was charged by police on the scene with failure to secure a load. The Virginia Department of Transportation remained in the area to assist with the massive cleanup and significant traffic delays caused by the incident.

Responsibility for an improperly secured road

Truck drivers and their employers are ultimately responsible for any kind of cargo or materials that they are transporting. In civil tort law cases, employers are always attached in lawsuits when their employees make mistakes and cause injuries during their normal job duties. Some businesses even purchase special kinds of insurance that cover fleets of vehicles for this exact reason.

Depending on local laws, the drivers can receive traffic citations or even be charged criminally if their cargo causes injuries or property damage. There are also federal department of transportation guidelines related to trucking that cover similar problems. While citations or charges from the police will not decide fault in a lawsuit, evidence of relevant traffic violations are always favorable to a plaintiff as evidence of negligence.

Paying for injuries to victims

If an unsecured load makes contact with another driver, the trucking company will be responsible for damage to their vehicle and any medical bills if the person is injured. In personal injury lawsuits, the attorney for the plaintiff can calculate the total value of all of this damage and attempt to make the defendant pay for everything. The payments will occur at the conclusion of the case through a settlement agreement or a jury verdict. The process before the trial or final agreement usually includes an exchange of information between lawyers for both sides called the discovery process.

Talk to a local truck accident attorney about a recent accident

If you have been hurt or experienced property damage due to the actions of a truck driver, there is assistance available in the Henrico County area. The personal injury attorneys at Burnett and Williams can deliver exceptional results throughout the state of Virginia.