Myrtle Beach, SC- According to the estimates from the Centers for Disease Control, commercial bus and truck accidents cost $99 billion in 2014. That’s a pretty great cost, but not entirely surprising when you considering the size and weight of commercial vehicles, especially fully loaded 18-wheelers and tankers. Because a commercial truck accident can be twice as deadly as car accident, it’s only natural to assume that victims who do manage to survive will incur pretty devastating injuries. So, USAttorneys would like to share a few tips truck accident victims in Maryland can use to maximize their accident settlement.

Get organized

When you are trying to obtain the truck accident settlement amount you deserve, you need to know what your total costs are, all of them present and future. You need to be able to show an insurer the total costs of your medical care, rehabilitation, property repair and emotional damages. You need a clear record of all your bills and any costs you incurred because of your accident. These documents need to be gathered and presented to an insurer or preferably a truck accident attorney from the onset of your claim. That brings us to our next tip.

Retain a truck accident lawyer

In the case of a major truck accident, victims need to protect their interests and ensure they end up with a settlement amount that covers their expenses and compensates them for their mental anguish. A truck accident lawyer is able to calculate the overall costs of your accident and will work tirelessly to secure the full amount of compensation your injuries necessitate. USAttorneys urges you to contact an attorney as soon as you are able.

Let you attorney do the negotiating

An insurer is going to want to settle your claim as soon as possible. They may come to you with an offer but it will be in your best interest to refer them to your attorney to negotiate for a just amount. You attorney knows what settlement amount is acceptable, and has the skills to negotiate for that amount. Our team of personal injury lawyers in Maryland will be dedicated to your case from beginning to end.

Don’t be in a rush to accept a settlement

Don’t forget, an insurer wants to limit their liability, so they aren’t going to give what you deserve to begin. In fact you could may have to sit in on several negotiations before you are giving an offer worthy of consideration. Just don’t be impatient or you could end up hastily taking a settlement only to regret your decision later. Let your lawyer decide when it’s time to accept an offer.

A truck accident can wreak havoc on a person’s life and they need someone on their side devoted to helping them get back on track. Our team of truck accident lawyers in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina will provide you will a solid claim and stand up for your rights.