According to the Utah Department of Public Safety, there were 7,165 persons were injured or killed in crashes involving trucks in the state of Utah in 2014. This included 20 fatalities.

That is twenty ruined families. We need food and supplies delivered on time and all over the place but we do not need the mess that comes along with it. Will society soon turn they keys of vehicles over to technology soon? It appears that will be the case.

People walking, folks on bikes, motorcycles, cars, whatever, we all need to watch out for trucks. If one hits you, you need legal assistance. You think that truck has power, their insurance agent that will be meeting you soon without your invitation has the power to devastate your life even more. Get on and get legal help!

Trucking operations are subjected to an exclusive set of laws which are distinct from the state’s auto or traffic laws. Therefore, the challenges that one may face after filing a truck accident lawsuit can be different from those that may arise in a car accident lawsuit.

Dedicated truck accident lawyers in Utah, who can be found on the amazing website which continues its crusade to bridge the gap between legal representatives and the people that need them, point out that one of the major issues with truck accident litigation is liability.

When it comes to truck accidents, there may be multiple liable persons or parties and it is imperative that as a plaintiff you list all liable parties as defendants in the lawsuit or else you will not receive full compensation that you deserve even if you were successful in proving the lawsuit.

Employer liability

Most likely it is the tuck that is destroying other objects. Be careful out there!

 A driver who has caused a truck accident negligently while driving as an employee for a trucking company will be held responsible for the auto accident, but the plaintiff in such a case can also hold the employer or the trucking company itself liable for the accident and the subsequent consequences.

Negligent hiring, negligent supervision, and respondeat superior

The employer may be held liable by virtue of what is known as respondeat superior or by the theory of negligent supervision or negligent hiring.

  • An example of negligent hiring would be―an employer who hires a truck driver that has a lapsed commercial license or has a history of drunk driving (see Det. Jimmy McNulty in The Wire!), and so forth.
  • An example of negligent supervision would be―an employer not training their truck drivers or condoning practices such as overloading and fatigued driving.

Did you know nearly 90% of truck accidents are caused or worsened by some sort of human error. According to the DPS, in 2014, Utah registered 54,036 motor vehicle crashes which resulted in 23,364 injured persons and 256 deaths. A heavy truck was in a crash every 3 hours. Will technology, soon, come to the rescue of human kind again? It appears so several years from now!

Lease liability

Federal regulations have made it a mandatory requirement for any trucking company which hires or leases a truck and a driver to have complete control and use of the hired vehicle. Therefore, any actions of the hired driver which are negligent can also be negligence on part of the owner/operator as per laws drafted by the Federal Motor Service Carrier Administration.

Broker liability

A broker, for all legal intents and purposes, can be described as someone who does not transport the load but is involved in dealings with the shipper and the motor carrier. In the past, brokers avoided all liability as they were not direct employers, however, truck accident lawyers these days are able to hold them liable too by the theory of negligent hiring in cases where the broker failed to screen the motor carrier properly or failed to investigate the carrier’s safety record.

If you happen to be injured and/or suffered economic or non-economic damages as a result of a trucking accident, talk to a stellar truck accident lawyer in Utah today to understand how you can recover compensation that you rightfully deserve.

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