Hazmat trucking accident caused highway exit ramp to close in Louisiana

Baton Rouge, LA Truck drivers have to be concerned with more than the possibility of property damage or injuries if there is an accident. Some drivers know that their cargo can cause other kinds of serious damage.

The Advocate reported on a situation where an interstate highway needed to be temporarily closed due to a tanker truck leaking acid [1]. 

Hazardous materials crews respond as truck leaks acid onto exit ramp

The news report stated that the area of the Interstate 10 eastbound exit ramp 92 in the town of Duson needed to remain closed for approximately eight hours. This was because of a large tanker truck that overturned and started to leak acrylic acid into the area. 

The local police issued a statement that they were concerned due to possible problems associated with exposure to acrylic acid. In the short term, exposure can cause breathing difficulties, redness in the eyes, coughing, and other respiratory issues. The City of Lafayette and the state of Louisiana both had to send special hazmat crews to the area to handle the situation. 

The driver of the truck was brought to a hospital in Lafayette, but his injuries did not appear to be life threatening. At the time of the report, traffic had been reopened on the interstate, but the exit ramp where the crash happened remained closed. The exact cause of the truck overturning was unknown at the time of the report. There was no information given about possible citations or charges against the driver. 

Trucking and transportation of hazardous materials 

Certain drivers will have to move materials that can be dangerous to the environment or people if released. The transportation of these materials requires special permission from the government, and drivers may need special training. This is because in situations where the hazardous materials are released, they can cause serious health problems and potentially require special cleanup crews to secure the area and ensure that it is safe. 

If a person is injured in this type of accident, they have the right to bring a civil case for compensation. This can be done with the assistance of an attorney in the area who handles truck accident lawsuits.

Accident lawyers in Louisiana

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