Distracted driving can be as dangerous as impaired driving.

Alexandria, LA- It’s no secret that distracted driving is hazardous and is becoming too common, contributed to 3,179 deadly crashes and 431,000 traffic collisions in 2014, according to the Distraction.gov. However, not all distracted motorists and truck drivers are sending a text or playing Pokémon Go; many are distracted in other ways without even realizing it. There different components of distracted driving that drivers should be aware of so they can avoid a deadly collision.

First, USAttorneys would like to the share some alarming statistics about commercial trucks and distracted driving from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. According to the federal agency a truck driver is:

6.7 times more likely to cause an accident when reaching for their phone.

5.9 times more likely to crash when dialing their cell phone.

And, 8.9 times more likely to cause an accident when they use a dispatch device.

Phones are a major distraction for all motorists.

Behind the wheel, distractions are so hazardous because a truck driver takes their eyes off the road, and a lot can change in just a few seconds when everyone is traveling at highway speeds. But behind the wheel distractions are limited to the visual, they are also manual and cognitive, so we’ll discuss what each is and how they affect a truck driver’s abilities.

Visual distractions are common and can include anything from sending a text to daydreaming about a billboard to reaching for a cup of coffee. A vehicle traveling at 55 mph covers 250 feet of distance in just five seconds, according to the FMCSA. Conditions on the road can change dramatically within that short decision.

Manual distractions can be just as dangerous as visual distractions. A truck driver reaching for a drink or a phone can drift out of their lane or off the roadway and lose control. If they overcorrect, they can easily cause their truck to jackknife or overturn.

When a motorist takes their mind off of the road, they cognitively distracted. Fatigue, daydreaming or talking on the phone are all cognitive distractions that could cause a truck driver to miss traffic cues and signals. According to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, cognitive distraction is as dangerous as drunken or drugged driving.

There are three types of behind the wheel distractions: cognitive, manual, and visual.

Distracted driving causes an individual to miss critical visual cues and make them unaware of their surroundings. That is why all truck drivers and passenger vehicle motorists need to avoid behind-the-wheel distractions. If you are the victim of a distracted commercial driver in Alexandria, Louisiana, you may be entitled to compensation, so USAttorneys urges you to speak with a nearby personal injury lawyer.

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