MONTGOMERY, Alabama. Hazardous materials are materials which can pose a health threat to people or other living things. Hazardous materials can be radioactive, flammable, explosive, toxic, or corrosive. There are regulations in place regarding the transport of hazardous materials, but when truck accidents occur and hazardous materials are in tow, drivers and other individuals on the road are put at risk.

Hazardous material truck accidents occur more commonly than we’d like to think. In December, WIAT reported about a chemical leak that took place when a truck carrying chemicals began to leak and later caught fire. Hazmat teams were called to the scene of the accident. The leak occurred when the truck bumped into another vehicle.

Unlike other vehicle accidents, it doesn’t take great impact forces to create a danger

ous or deadly situation when hazardous materials are being transported. Roads and neighborhoods may have to be evacuated and individuals near the accident can get exposed to deadly or dangerous chemicals. If you or a loved one was involved in a truck accident involving a HAZMAT truck, or if you believe you or a loved one may have been exposed to hazardous materials as a result of a truck accident in Montgomery, Alabama, or the surrounding area, a truck accident lawyer may be able to help you seek a recovery for medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses. Morris Bart & Associates, L.L.C. in Montgomery are personal injury lawyers who work closely with victims and families to help them get justice if they’ve been hurt.

Trucks may not be the only vehicles on the road carrying hazardous substances. Hazardous substances may be in the vehicle you are driving right now. In the wake of the Takata airbag recall, many have been questioning whether the chemical compound used to inflate airbags could be deadly. According to Bloomberg, on August 22, a truck carrying the compound that inflates airbags exploded in Texas. The explosion killed one person and injured four other people. The ammonium nitrate, which was being shipped to a Mexican factory, is under scrutiny. Is it stable? Can it be safe when used in passenger vehicles? Not all Takata airbags that use the chemical have been recalled. Takata claims that ammonium nitrate is safe when used in combination with a drying agent. Yet, many have been questioning whether the compound should be used at all. Others have been wondering whether the product is safe to ship. The chemical is currently being studied for its safety, but reports suggest that airbags using the chemical won’t be recalled until the study is complete in 2019.

Drivers carrying hazardous materials must be trained in proper handling and drivers must take precautions when they are behind the wheel. Yet, when it comes to hazardous materials trucking, even a small mistake can lead to deadly leaks, explosions, accidents, and personal injuries. Truck companies have a responsibility to handle materials in a safe manner. Drivers have a responsibility to abide by state and federal laws. If you or a loved one was hurt or wrongfully killed in a truck accident in or near Montgomery, Alabama, Morris Bart, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help.