If you have been involved in a commercial truck accident and have ended up being inflicted with damages for no fault of your own then it is important to be aware that you may be eligible for compensation for economic and non- economic damages via a civil truck accident lawsuit, according to leading New Haven, CT truck accident lawyers.

A truck accident lawsuit can be filed as a personal injury lawsuit, a wrongful death lawsuit, or even a property damage lawsuit depending on what exactly transpired in the accident specifically. However, truck accidents and trucking operation in general is subjected to vast and complex trucking laws which not only vary from state to state, but are also completely different from the states normal auto or traffic laws.

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Furthermore, Connecticut truck accident attorneys point out that trucking operations are also subject to federal trucking laws drafted and implemented by the Federal Motor Service Carrier Administration (FMSCA).

Given the extensiveness and the dual nature of laws governing trucking and truck accidents, it is safe to say that a lay person is ill equipped to be able to possibly take on a truck accident case or litigation alone. If you actually want to sue a trucking company or truck driver and receive the damages inflicted upon you then it is nearly certain that you will require the representation of a tremendous legal counselor.

Going after a truck company and several other entities and dealing with their insurance company who is going to make contact with you very quickly after the truck accident alone is not wise. You need legal assistance.

Now when watching Expendables III with Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), Barney Ross was planning on going after his captured crew alone or with just one other person, Galgo, played by Antonio Banderas. But when his other crew arrived on the tarmac, Ross did not turn down the help. He knew the odds of this being a successful mission increased mightily with their help.

For you to win this truck accident case, you need legal help. You may not be walking into a death trap like Ross was doing if you do not have legal help, but you will not obtain the full value of your case and this could have lifelong repercussions if you try to go about this alone.

Who can be sued in a trucking accident?

When it comes to how to sue in order to attain compensation there are certain challenges. First, the question that needs addressing is who are you going to sue? Contrary to popular belief, it is not only truck drivers or truck companies that can be sued. In fact, potentially, truck owners, truck lessors, truck service organizations, truck manufacturers, etc. can all be liable parties.

Therefore, in order to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve, you must go ahead and list all of the liable parties as defendants in your lawsuit. Failure to do so will lead to not recovery of only partial compensation even if you are successful in actually proving and winning your claim or lawsuit.

What to do if the trucker was an independent contractor?

According to New Haven, CT truck accident lawyers, in some cases, the trucker or truck driver who negligently caused the auto accident may not be formally working for any trucking company as an employee and he may instead be an independent contractor. In this case, you would of course sue the trucker himself or herself, but your legal pro will be able to ascertain if any other parties such as the truck owner/manufacturer can also be held liable.

The company that has hired the independent contractor in such cases cannot usually be held liable for the auto accident.

Therefore, if you need help with filing an accident claim following an accident involving a commercial vehicle, talk to a stellar Connecticut truck accident lawyer, and get started working on your claim.