Accidents that involve trucks tend to cause serious damage to the body of any vehicle, and people can potentially get trapped inside. Emergency crews may have to take extreme measures to extract someone out of a malformed vehicle and transport them for immediate medical attention.

A serious truck accident in Harnett County, North Carolina involved two vehicles, and two of the four victims needed to be airlifted to a local hospital by life-flight helicopters.

Four victims injured when truck collides with another car at Lillington intersection

The local fire department believes that the incident began when the car that was involved in the accident went through a stop sign at the intersection of Old Buies Creek Road and Sheriff Johnson Road near the town of Lillington. That car made contact with a pickup truck which was traveling in the opposite direction. All four people inside of both cars were pinned inside from the force of the impact and had to be extracted using heavy machinery. One of the victims was unable to move from the chest down to the feet and took rescue crews over an hour to remove from the car. Two of the four were able to be taken away be ambulances, but the other two had life threatening injuries and needed to be airlifted to an emergency room.

The crash occurred near Campbell University, and the school confirmed that two of the victims were students, but did not release any further information. Photos of the scene showed the front end of the pickup truck with severe damage, while the sedan was totally destroyed down to the frame.

What will happen to the victims after an accident like this?

After their medical treatment, the occupants of the pickup truck may try to file a lawsuit against the driver of the car. A personal injury lawsuit is a common way that victims make the party responsible for the crash pay for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and other problems caused by an accident.

The victims in the pickup truck will be helped by the fact that the other driver went through a stop sign, which is a clear violation of traffic laws. However, the attorney will also have to establish all of the other elements of negligence to prevail in the lawsuit. This essentially means that the plaintiff’s attorney has to prove that some act by the defendant driver actually caused the accident and subsequent injuries.

Does the traffic violation prove fault in this accident?

While the news report did not say if the driver of the car would receive a citation for running through the stop sign, these kinds of infractions can be important during a lawsuit. A relevant traffic infraction will show evidence of negligence, which can help persuade a jury. While the ultimate issue of fault in any motor vehicle accident will not be determined by the fact that one driver received a ticket, it is certainly relevant to improper driving and carelessness on the roads.

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