Truck drivers are prepped and prepared to maneuver massive vehicles carrying loads and loads of cargo. They are trained on how to operate their vehicle, where to take it, and the procedures necessary to check in cargo being transported. Just as truckers are trained in all areas of the job, they also need to be informed of what to do in the event they are involved in an accident.

Because a truck driver’s job revolves around being on the roadway, it is vital they understand how to handle traumatic situations where damage is done and injuries have been sustained. While some truck accident victims only sustain minor injuries, others suffer from major life-threatening conditions which means a lawsuit could be in the works down the line. So, if you are a truck driver and looking to expand your knowledge on what to do if involved in a crash, below are some tips especially for you.

Truck accidents can be serious and even fatal. You need to know how to handle these situations in the event one arises.

What should I do if involved in a truck collision?

According to, there are seven things truckers want to try and do when an accident arises of which some are provided below.

  1. Stay Calm- Of course it is easier said than done, but remaining calm right after a collision can help you assess the accident scene, how much damage has been done, and if anyone, including yourself is injured. You also need to be mindful of the fact that you are still “on the job” and the other drivers involved are expecting you to take responsibility. But remember, don’t admit to causing the crash until you have spoken to a Kentucky truck accident attorney. You don’t want to say something that could harm you in later on it life.
  1. Stop- Don’t move your vehicle unless instructed to do so by an officer or if there are traffic signs instructing you to move your vehicle out of the way.
  1. Secure the Scene- To avoid any liability issues, make sure you place your reflectors in the proper position immediately after an accident. You don’t know how long you will be stopped for and don’t want to risk any other cars colliding into you. One reflector should be placed 10 feet behind the vehicle and the next 100 feet behind.
  1. Call for Help? You are going to want to call 911 after a truck accident has transpired and see if you can help any injured victims who may be suffering. Although there is some speculation about this, it isn’t advisable that you leave a victim suffering when you may have been able to render some first aid.
  1. Collect information- If there are any witnesses, you are going to want to get a statement. This can help you in the event a lawsuit is filed against you or wrongful information is provided by the claimant who is trying to pin the accident on you.

Do I need to contact a Louisville, KY truck accident lawyer?

It can never hurt to obtain a free consultation from a reputable truck crash attorney featured on They will provide you with some insight as to what you can expect as you begin the claims process.